Are You a Racist? Qanon, They Want you Divided! See how they try to forward their False Narrative! See this black man put them in their place!

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Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 10.15.31 AM.png

The above is only a screenshot from the video to show the people involved.
Scroll down to see the actual video clip.

Watch as this journalist asks this guy, While he is bleeding from an attack for his beliefs. . .

“Are you a racist?”
So he asks as it is unprovoked. . .”Why do you ask that?
Why is that people who stand up for America, and want to protect Our Own borders, why are we always trying to be backed up with a racist thing?
I’m here with a black man, if I was a racist. . .this is my brother right here! If I’m a racist, how can I be standing with him?”

“You’re asking him because he’s white, and you want get away with your racist remark!
Are you a racist?” He asks this journalist.

“So Why is it he’s a racist because he’s standing up for the country?”

Journalist asks the white man, “Do you like the Latin people, do you like them?”

The black guy Does not let up, Good for Him!
He asks, “do you like them? Then what’s your problem? That’s a dumb question to ask.

“You’re asking that question, so you can use it on your program, to make Him look like a racist!”

He continues, "Why don’t you ask me if I’m racist? Because I’m black, right?

I love America too and I think that illegal aliens need to be shipped back to their country. So Why is that Racist?

You’re a racist for asking him that question!

You’re only doing it because he’s white, and that’s what you’re going to show on your report tonight! You Shouldn’t Play that Kind of Game!

You should be ashamed of yourself. You an American, taking advantage of all the benefits America has to offer. . .and Your only comment. . .Are you a Racist? “

Then they are Sure to cut it off when this well spoken black man asks, “Are you here legally?”

See the clip here I wasn't able to get the original hosting site for this video so have pinned it at the top of my TestingTheNarrative Twitter feed. A retweet from ThomasChapel who retweeted from CHIZ on twitter.

See Video Clip Here

Thank God for these Good People willing to Stand up against the Lies and Manipulation of the globalists and MSM always trying to paint a false picture of reality. They of course do this to further their cause of wanting Full Control.

If they can pit us against one another and cause us to fight. . .then we all are so distracted, we don't see their underhanded, self-serving motives of

  • attempts to create race wars

  • gaining more control

  • orchestrated events to cause harm and fear of the unknown (the cabals devious dealings are the unknown)

  • diminishing the population with poisons

  • manufactured illnesses airborne and otherwise to keep us addicted and dependent on pharmaceuticals

  • You all Can Help Me Fill in the Blank Here! Think Eugenics and other evils as found right here!

Remember when Belgium became the first country to allow child euthanasia? Those two words shouldn't even be uttered together!

Qanon said this in an August 6th drop. All applies but just putting in the top of drop and bottom as most applicable to the Wanting us Divided and Mockingbird Media's ploys.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 10.20.45 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 10.22.29 AM.png

Think of these posts in the light of what they try to show people with their False Narrative, MSM spin and twist!

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 10.23.29 AM.png

It becomes Quite obvious Why they do what they do! They Need to keep people distracted from What they, the globalists, have really been up to. The amount of corruption continues to pile up.
Crimes against the American People. Keep your eye's open and don't let them get by with it!

I LOVE how these thinking people, as demonstrated by these two men. . .see through their diabolical plot!

What are your thoughts?
Are Patriots and people who love this country composed of All ethnicities and colors?
Do those of us committed to Freedom want the same liberties?
Are you for protecting our country and the constitution?
What issues, factors and controllers can you add to this list?
Please let me know in the comments below!

Keep on Keeping on True Patriots! You are the reason President Trump and Qarmy are fighting this battle.
We the People Are and Will Continue to take Back our Country and get it out of the control of these Globalists and their Mockingbird Media! WWG1WGA Godspeed Fine Patriots!

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