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RE: Steemit Only Article: Opinion: Why Independent Media Voices Are Questioning the "Q" Persona

in #qanon2 years ago (edited)

I wonder if I can dump photos on the blockchain? Because I knew Q was a psyop from the start since I was asked to join it in January when I was sick. The person literally told me I would be paid if I helped the psyop and it was to "excite the base." I am choosing to redact the DM with the person for the time being because they weren't one of the main people involved in Q and were just a middleman.

Q DM communications photo dump..


Jesus Christ.

Somebody is lying here... That much is for sure.

No she was friends with 0hour1, Microchip etc. She would know who the first Q was they used the Bernapaine account to boost Pro-Trump content and eventually formed or took over Q from Ezra Cohen Watnick.

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