Qanon- So much news coming out it's unreal!!! Longest news drop yet!!!

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Qanon is an alleged team of military insiders working with president Trump to bring down the Deep State. I've seen evidence they are a LARP. I've seen evidence they are legit. Which is it? I don't know, but I tend to believe (possibly foolishly) that it's a legit military leaker and the Trump team is in fact bringing down the Deep State. There are lots of posts that show that Q and Potus seem to do an internet dance with one another.

Just as important as the Q leaker him/themself is the legion of anons that dig through the posts and spread detailed information regarding pedophilia, trafficking, drugs, high crimes of politicians, and exposing false flags. These folks have an incredible news feed. I spend a few hours going through various networks to find the best stuff around. I thought I'd save you the trouble by aggregating that info. Hopefully you dig it, cause you can't find a fresher Deep State News feed right meow.

I can't confirm the things in here. I present them for information and a state of the Qnetwork. Hopefully it helps other researchers as they dig through volumes of information on their own.


Qanon Forum this SATURDAY

this Saturday I'm hosting a qanon forum on MSP-Waves from 11am EST to 1pm. That's 1500UTC.

Q drops

Q cheatsheet

8chan threat

Possible weather weapon threat

Iranian Threat

Relevant News

Out of all the sources this is likely the most dubious


They turned or they helped?

Pedo/Trafficking/ Drug busts

Fuck Buzzfeed


From Mattis

Mega thread

Go here to figure out these dead babies dipped in gold and what's up with them


Note the Discord link too

Apparently sued a Rothschild successfully

Hitler fled after WWII to South America. They found a sub, looks what it's near.

Senior Executive Service getting squished



Comey memos

I think this is Comey, but SES is way bad


Man made earthquake (explosion/detonation) Note a real one has seismic ringing


Lock them all up. Q has given me hope.

Holy homework Batman... We have many to hold accountable. Could take months to digest all this.

Lock her up! Would make me smile so big

Re: Iranian sleeper cells

There is a theory that the Las Vegas shooting was done by Saudi Arabians aligned with HRC. That is why there was that big cleanout of princes in SA soon after.

I'm not sure that any of them are our friends.

Holy Crap @aggroed what did I step into? ; )

How money is made and who controls the money. Wars are made to be profitted. The Rothchilds.

So war is coming again against Russia and Iran plus China or the US will succumb to its ponzi situation by the Fed.

Any news on @JulianAssange? Seems nobody's talking about the fact that the Ecuadorians have now effectively imprisoned him without any access to communication whatsoever. How is this OK? No word from anyone in the media or anywhere. Does anyone care? #ProofOfLife

Continue to trust the plan. Lots of booms coming out!

I feel Kim Jun is up to something, he may have an hidden and wanting to see those and have a bilateral agreement with the South. Sooner the America troops may be asked to leave.
James Comey seems to all over the news and his story might not end well cos that is conspiracy.
Watched a movie of MARK FELT an FBI director who took down the White House cos the President wanted to control them. FBI is independent and couldn't be comprised, Comey may not get up to 72 years.
The Clinton and Mccabe is one already known but the question is, Can they really prosecute and jail Clinton.

Thanks for the news

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