Be Prepared For The Entire System To Go Dark For 2-3 Days:Jordan Sather

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Jordan Sather is a seeker who avidly works to tie together the many threads woven throughout the truth seeker’s journey. Jordan is committed to empowering individuals through the sharing of knowledge by creating Video Reports, and Articles to Disclose Hidden Truths, He is the creator and owner of the youtube channel destroying the illusion and you can also find his work on his website

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Thank You, Dave, for bringing Jordan Sather onto the X22Report Spotlight. Thank You, Jordan Sather, for coming onto the X22Report Spotlight and sharing your work and keeping us informed.

Awesome As Always Dave. Good Interview.

Thank You Dave for interviewing Jordan Sather, as You said he really does his best to bring information to keep people informed... exactly what You've been doing.

Cheers !!

Good timing with this interview release...

Thanks for the interesting guest. We shall have to see how Trump's presidency goes down in the annals of history. I can't help but be struck by the heroic narrative that is such an important part of the American Dream mythology.

Its a race against the collapse . Both sides are engaging in a sort of James Bond style war were there are no rules and anything goes . And don’t forget gentlemen there are about 10,000 nukes in the hands of the deep state . Great show 👏👍✌️👊🏻

Great Interview!

Great interview Dave. Thankj you