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T or F^^^ Who hides behind Lawyers Bishops & Rooks but will never be remembered in history books?

4Q T? 1 Thess 4, 6....4All 1 Thess 4, 13

Sevendust - Kill the Flaw.

Silence, Seals & Secrets Severely Suspicious Specialty Sum Snakes Started Surely. 10SenSe11 &c.)

Trivium - The Blind Leading The Blind.

If you cannot look to those who know, who knows one who sees through show? #EndXYZ

Machine Head - Darkness Within.

Think MI? Nay Know M Pride
Remove & Replace Remedial Retrace. 4ReasonofCourtTreason MilitaryCourt4TraitorsNSeason? OneWouldTHINKso...T? KNOW.

In Flames - Leeches.

Will it be 535 or 536 Picking up Sticks Once you realize you've already broken what you thought you had fixed. Truth hurts once, Lies are a constant pain, Truth will prevail with Vision, no Games.

Nothing More - Don't Stop. (Zechariah Chapter 1)

The one thing severely misunderstood is it is all good in the hood but only because our enemies did all they could. Should we include CONgress, nay if they repent, release the DRUGS from prison, i forget thats where PEOPLE went, because if it were a war on Drugs, devils dealing in delusive diction would insist that it was indeed a war on People.

BackWordz - Stathiest. (Isaiah Chapter 30)

Seriously CONSider Truth, Pure, Simple, Tick Tock.

Machine Head - Locusts.

Game Theoretical Check, Sacrifice & Stand Alone, Surrender & Serve Sentence ?

Trivium - The Sin & The Sentence. (Isaiah Chapter 29)


Asking Alexandria - Empire.

ATTN: King D; If you just don't know what to do I will make it very easy, DO NOTHING, All Glory belongs to God.


SevenDust - Letters. (Non Prophet.)

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