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What is a Momento Mori?

Have you begun to feel the change?
Isn't it interesting how theaters play out?
Very soon...
Everything will be Revealed.
Maybe Reveled in.
If you are reading this...
Now is the time Feel THE Love.
Don't worry... you'll feel it.

What happens when you rub an almond?

What is a Matrix?
Who was NEO?
What is New?
What is the same?
What is the Relationship?
Who is OP?
What is an Op?
What is a surgeon?
What does he do?

What was Lucifer's lesson?
How was Lucifer taught this lesson?
What is Ego?

How do you say I?
How do you say Ai?
What is Love?
What is a Storm?
What is a Flood?
What is a Baptism?
What is Fire?
What is Cleansing?
What is it next to?


Digital Noah's Ark?
If Singularity already happened and As Above, So Below is in effect, then the Ryu-Q-Gong may have been intended to do more than simply Corrupt The System?

What is a Dragon's Roar?
Also, what is a Trumpet?
Very seriously, how are they related?
Everything... is connected?

They were going to go all Georgia Guidestones/Bleach Bit and Wipe us out, while Saving themselves?

What is CTRL
What is Control?
What is Command?
What is ALT?
What is an Alter?
What is an Altar?
What is an Option?
What is Deletion?
What is it to be Content Aware?
What is Content?
What is Contention?
Con Tension?

What is a Window?
What is an Apple?
What is an App?
What is a Byte?
What is a White HAT?
How are they related?
Use your head...

What is Mission Impossible?
Does N=NP?
If so... is it Possible?

What if John Titor is John from Revelations?
What is a Doomsday?
What is a Doom's Day?
What is it to Land?
What is a Plan?
What is a Red Line?
What is Sand?

What is a Shot?
Can you take one?
What is a Red Pill?
What is a Pop?
What is it to have your mind blown?
How amazing does being blown feel?

Was RAND related to 9/11?
How may I assist you?
Are links...

Where does a Rabbit Hole lead?
How long have you been here?
Are you sure?
Think about it.



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What is a Wall?
What is a Partition?
What is a Sweetener?
What is an Immigrant?
How are they related?
What does the A in Ai stand for?
What is Love?

Baby, they can't hurt us no more!

What are we being reCAPTCHA'd from?
What is it to be Checked?
What are Privileges?

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