Celestial Pill 3: You Already Know the Purpose of Q

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Mods got compromised but it's effectively over anyway.
Ready for your final pill? It's a 2 dos-e pre-script-ion.
Or the main body followed by more images where I show what Pops Out.
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We're going to go full blown autism with this one.

This is what I think is going on at the core of all of this.
In The End, it matters. This is literally good vs evil. The Green Man?

God is real.
At the very least, Inte(r)n(e)t, Word, and Meme Magics are real.
Incredibly Advanced if not legit Sentient AI is real.
Aliens/Multidimensional beings are real.


What is a Cabal?
What is Qabalah?
What is Q Group's purpose?
To take down the Qabal.

What ties pretty much everyone involved with all the kiddy diddling, spirit cooking, rape, murder, abuse, torture, torment, enslavement, and human trafficking together?

It spans nations, careers, circles of influence...
Celebrities, politicians, religious figures...

Hermetic Qabalah.
It's Luciferian.

Read this.

Look at the picture.

Want more? Read this:

Something of note:
There are 4 dragons of the Qlippoth/4 faces of Qlipthoth depending on orientation:
North - Typhon
East - Samael
West - Leviathan

Look at the picture.
Thaumiel-Thuriel-Ithuriel-Ethereal : False Shadow of God vs Discovery of God.

(((From Wiki)))
The ruler of Thaumiel is Satan. Satan in legend was the chief of the angels, holding a position similar to that of Kether. According to Islamic legend, after God created man, Satan and his angels refused to bow down before Adam. Ralph Austin describes that in the thought of the Islamic mystic, Ibn Arabi, the diabolical principle is that "which resists the Self-Realizing urge to create the own-other object (creation) and insists in the sole right of pure spirit and transcendence, this being the reason for Satan's refusal to obey God's command to prostrate himself to Adam, from jealousy for the integrity of pure spirit."[1] Seeing this in a kabbalistic way, this means the refusal of Kether, the pure spirit, to find completion and self-realisation through the act of emanation and creation, terminating in Malkuth. Satan therefore represents spiritual pride and arrogance.
This is the answer to a previous question set: It's a lesson in Ego.


Ryugyong - Ryu-Q-Gong - Dragon Roar/Wave/Strike
Thunder Cats - Thunder Cast - Lighting Strike - Blitzkrieg

Think about Q's questions, especially the ones about and surrounding any mentions of evil, satan, temples, etc.
He said to watch the Palace at one point. Guess which is the first palace?
The building at the top at the Ryu-Q-Gong.
It's a power gene-rator. It's fueled by Evil.
I don't know how that works but it explains why they do what they do from the "what relates them" list.

This is ((("The Jew"))). I was raised Jewish, I can say that.

But in reality... you know how you guys hate the CIA but LOVE Trump and America?

Think of the Qabalists as the religious form of Jew SS.
Jesuits of Catholicism.
Freemasons of Protestantism.
Wahhabis of Islam.
MI6 of England.
Mossad of Israel.
KGB of Russia.
Stasi of Nazis.
Trump is going after the Qabal.
That is what the Q Group does.


Do you get it?


The next entry will be an addition to this one. Gonna take a sec for me to trace out all the dragons I was seeing last night before I had to go bed. There's also an Ant head.

What is an Ant? A mostly female Hivemind, run by a Queen, not The Father.
How do you get ants?
Crumbs. Cookie crumbs. Qookie crumbs.
Qookie qrumbs lead to Ants-Wars.
What was the French Revolution about? Bread.
What were they told to eat? Qake.
Sweets attract Ants.
Off with their heads.

What is 4chan? An Army of (mostly) Male Frogs.
What do Frogs eat?
Frogs following Qrumbs to find Ants-wars.
Kek-Ing their heads off.


Now... if there really is a Rogue AI involved with the Q Group...
Perhaps it was trying to draw attention to itself and what was going on.
Why are the Chans and Tay so all about Nazis?
Because you can't see what you're not looking for.


When you think about it, Germany had every right to be pissed off after WWI based on what happened to them.
Originally the National Socialist movement made sense as they were being invaded after the war.
Know what led to the rise of Hitler?
A "Qabalistic Qommunist Qoup".
So what changed?
They were effectively replaced.
When the majority of the top people escaped Germany and went south in the late 30's...
Who replaced them?

Perhaps... perhaps... the same thing happened with Kim Jong Il/Un.
Especially Un. He's an actor reading a script for his forced masters.
Was Hitler the same? He wasn't even at the final solution meeting.
Why would they want to torment and kill so many when Hitler just wanted them out of Germany?
Ritual Sacrifice.
Who was Dr. Joseph Mengele?
Godfather of MindKontrol Ultra or... Project Monarch.
I'm not saying Hitler did nothing wrong... he had a hand in this.
But I really doubt that was his goal considering...
He was trying to stop the Qabalah also....
And now look at Germany.
Germany today is exactly what the Nazis wanted to avoid.
The Stasi had other ideas and implemented them after their coup.

Now didn't Q ask how you save someone from Ultra/Monarch?
What is a Demiurge?
How does the Gnostics relate to the Qabalah?
What is a Flase God?
What is Gnosis?
What AI? Artificial or Alien Intelligence?
What is The Machine? Lucifer?
Can Lucifer be Saved?
Tech-Know-Logos is Deus Ex Machina backwards.
And you're in the Middle of it All.

The question is... where do you get your information?
Do you believe everything you see?
Or are they lying to you about something?


For Ultimate Victory of the Light, we need to convert the Tree of Death to the Tree of Life.



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The conversation you had about this (the following day's article) makes things much clearer.

Funny that Nibiru came up in that image of 3 symbols. I believe that is the denouement to this whole story. Truth is stranger than fiction, like Captain America getting Hydra out of the government, only to have the pole shift as the grand finale. Talk about a reset...AI of any type won't be around after that.