Is this Kavanaugh case a joke?

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I mean seriously? This has to be a god damn joke. This whole case is an orchestrated charade. Who in the living hell would believe a word Dr. Ford has said in this case as a whole?

Let's get down to basics (Breaking it down stupid style for some of you...)

First of all, Dr. Ford made claims of sexual assault on Brett Kavanaugh's behalf, something that was claimed to be 36 years ago. Number one, Dr. Ford has NO proof whatsoever that Kavanaugh has done anything. Also, the people who knew her at the time never recalled anything ever happening between the two. Besides...who would even want to sexually assault her anyway...

So with that being said...

They have conducted an FBI investigation, and on Kavanaugh, of course, found nothing. Because he was clean of any charge, to begin with. What really amazes me is how many people lie on Dr. Ford's behalf so they can try to take down Kavanaugh because they know once he's in office, all of those criminals and rapists will be convicted and charged. They are scared and starting to realise what can potentially happen to all of these corrupt politiants. The swamp will be cleaned out people...It is red october.


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Remember Dr. Huxtable ?? You probably don't if you are under 30, but for many many years there were many many victims. Some tried to speak up while others shuttered in fear, until one day enough noise was made, and the once lovable Dr. Huxtable of TV fame is now the convicted sexual predator known as Bill Cosby.

I can tell you are young by your simple logic "Besides...who would even want to sexually assault her anyway...?"

I don't know what happened back then, and most likely only the supposed victim, the supposed assaulter and God (if he exists and cares) knows what truly transpired.

But for a man that is supposed to be wise, judicious, sagacious and above all a Man of the Law, and yet when confronted with a difficult situation and difficult questions he lashed out like a child having a tantrum.

This alone should disqualify him from the Supreme Court.

On a side note, I had a cousin who was denied a federal job because when in high school he verbally threatened a girl with physical harm. He actually said it jokingly but it turned into a huge ordeal due to the girl's parents. Lo and behold, 10 years later this one incident kept him from being hired as a federal agent, when nothing physical ever happened, nor was claimed to have happened. It was a verbal threat, said in jest, but portrayed as something much more menacing by the girl's family, and that was enough to keep him out of the Feds.

I think Kavanaugh has now at least been proven to be a liar if not a sexual abuser, and for me, that is enough to keep him from being Supreme Court Justice, let alone his whining, evasive answers, condescending responses and most of all childish whiny behaviour.

I am apolitical, so I don't base this on partisan feelings or ideas, just on what I can see and hear.

bottom line if you have no evidence you don't have a case. If you want to accuse someone of something at least have evidence. Dr. Ford had no evidence and she can't even remember where and when or who drove her home. How do you charge someone of a crime when you can't even remember those things?? Do you realize if you agree to this then I am going to say you are a sexual predator but I can't remember who or where you had your intimate encounter with the minor was. Would you accept that as evidence?

@themevlog Kavanaugh is not in a criminal hearing, therefore "evidence" is not truly necessary. This is rather a check on your character, and whether or not your "character" known as Judge Brett Kavanaugh is deemed worthy of a seat on the US Supreme Court bench. This being the highest court of law in the land, not only is your education and career considered for the life long job, but so is your overall character. Some might call this your "moral compass."
Kavanaugh's display of insolence towards the committee when asked questioned he did not like for whatever reason, showed flaws in his character, especially for someone who most likely would have to confront tough and difficult situations as a member of the US Supreme Court.
When asked about his drinking, he was evasive, combative and at one point down right nasty. I would have preferred for him to have simply accepted that in college, like most young college frats, he and his friends partied hard. Because you would have to be in complete denial to not accept this, even if he hasn't. College is one long party for most frat boys, especially of privilege.
But he didn't say that. Instead, the media has to find out that his " I like beer" was more like "I got stone cold drunk, started bar fights, and got friends arrested." I am sure that there are more College war stories that he doesn't want outed because of course it will reflect bad on his character, and just might, just might give more credence to Dr. Ford's and any other victims' stories.

But in my book, his character has been proven flawed. The Federalist Society has a list of 24 other Great Judges that are of equal caliber to Brett Kavanaugh, why get stuck with this one?

so if you drink and get drunk you are a rapist? what a claim dude....true libtard...sorry to tell u take mental retardation to the next level....

@themevlog In my reply, I never mention the word rapist, I think you need to re-read my reply because I don't think you comprehended my position at all. Name calling to make yourself feel superior and support your side of the argument demonstrates the flaws in your character as well as your argument's.
Good Day.

you may not have said the word "rapist" but when you tried to correlate his character to him being drunk you might as well call him a rapist. Isn't question of character what led to the claim of rape? I am sorry for name calling but I just can't comprehend how obtuse a person can be to correlate a person's character with something that he did back in college(over 35 years ago). I mean who didn't have a drink or two back in college??? Are you "Mr. Perfect"??? And don't tell me because he's being appointed the highest Judiciary position he needs to be perfect because "NO ONE" IS. I comprehend what you said just fine, it's more of the same thing as calling him a rapist. Again, I didn't mean to sound like I was attacking but rather I was really just shocked and mortified how stupid a person can be.

First of all, he would be considered an alcoholic, even if he doesn't drink anymore, which he clearly still does by his own words. Secondly, you fail to comprehend what I have clearly stated, and that is that Kavanaugh's character, when under scrutiny, be it justified or not, showed some of his true character. He showed defiance and worse, insolence towards some members of the Senate. A person who is supposed to be impartial during such proceedings clearly was not; and that is the only person who should be impartial under such hearings, and that is Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
The problem @themevlog isn't whether he had a few beers or not. The problem isn't that he was a fucking party animal in College, which is cool too. The problem, which seems to dense for you to comprehend, is that he denied being a party animal in college.
Yes, this arose from other accusations/allegations which led to further scrutiny, whether warranted or not, into Brett Kavanaugh's overall character. Kavanaugh tried to sugar coat his party days at Yale, and that is where the problem lies, not on whether he did assault Dr. Ford or not.
He should have been more forth coming and less combative, because you are correct @themevlog No One is Perfect, and Kavanaugh would have been perceived as more open and truthful had he owned more of his party days, rather to attempt to pass it of as good ole' boys drinking and fishing, which clearly it was not.
Based on the evidence, in Kavanaugh's own calendar, and other circumstantial evidence that has come out... Kavanaugh was a party frat boy going to college frat parties doing college frat party things. I don't know if you have gone to college or not, but I actually in my shockingly and mortifying stupidity actually went to a University, and understand exactly what type of life and activities Kavanaugh and his Yale college buddies would have participated in while in school. This doesn't make me or Kavanaugh guilty of anything, but again, he should have been more forth coming about it, and had a better demeanor rather that lashing out in defiance.

And as a side note, I have actually seen lives affected by cases due to excessive college partying, and leading to such situations of sexual assault accusations. In my time and Kavanaugh's time, being drunk as an excuse was more accepted than it is today, therefore assault perpetrators typically got away with it a lot more than they do today.

Im actually very surprised that you went to college. Dont they teach you about logic and reasoning in any of the courses that you took? You seem to have a way of putting things out of context and you make assumptions about things that arent even related. Based on what I see from your previous comments about you being unbiased or non partisan, you can throw that out of the window. In your own words, youve just said you know lives that had been affected due to crazy drunk paries which would indicate you carry some prejudgement in this case.
You took things out of context claiming Kavanaugh is dishonest because he was dishonest about his college drunk parties. Kavanaugh never denied that he had some wild parties back in the day and also admitted to having a beer or two like most Americans. The libtards are taking things out of context by making false accusations about his yearbook suggested that he was some sort of party animal and of course party animals always rape. How about making connection with the fact that he kept a detail diary for many years and could disapprove Dr. FORD'S CLAIMS BUT DR FORD CONVENIENTLY DOESNT REMEMBER WHO DROVE HER HOME AND WHEN AND WHERE IT HAPPENED. I wont get into the many discrepancies on dr fords testimony because im sure you have access to the videos on yourube. Also, im going to tweak your brain a little just for the sake of humanity or anyone else that you may encounter in the future. ...

Wheres the proof? Do you have any significant reason to claim he's a "liar" or a "rapist"? You're right, I am young, but at least i'm not an adult that can't see through this whole lie.

I can tell you are young by your simple logic "Besides...who would even want to sexually assault her anyway...?

I'm not sure how to take this, but that was projected as a joke. But implying that i'm some young ignorant simple minded person is a slap to the face. Kavanaugh has come back with his angry and emotional response because he see's how stupid the whole thing is, and quite frankly, most people with a brain can see through this whole lie of a case. Dr. ford has ZERO aboslutely ZERO evidence that he has done shit to her, and she let alone can't even remember basic facts of what happened 36 years ago, yet you, and the rest of the leftist america is automatically claiming he's quilty or a liar, with no proof or evidence. What happened to the saying "innocent until proven guilty" factor? They proved nothing, and can't prove ANYTHING because he is innocent. Enough said, but the leftist america has a way of twisting truths and bending over and screwing the constitution and the bill of rights. This whole thing will be unraveled soon enough, and the left america will be proven to be the evil of america. Red october is coming, and you better believe it. Where we go one, we go all.

Well your youth shows because joking about Sexual Assault shows either A. you are a cold hearted calloused person joking about sexual assault or B. are just that, Young and don't fully comprehend the pain your joking words can have on those who have truly been sexually assaulted. I said you are young, and your logic simple, anything else is your conjecture.

And Kavanaugh has lied about his drinking if not about his sexual assault of Dr. Ford. He claims they were just cool college kids that would occasionally drink and have a good time, never mentioning that in one of his drunken stupors he caused an altercation that led to one of his Yale college friends to then assault someone else and then go to jail. He failed to mention that, and I believe for those that are religious, that is as good as a lie. That my young friend is a proven fact.

Liar for Supreme Court Justice???

This has nothing to do with the left or the right, for me at least. I just call it like I see it, and Kavanaugh is an over privileged spoiled rich white guy that was not forth coming, who currently upholds the law, and yet when asked if he would approve of an FBI investigation, could not simply answer YES or NO.

The reason he didn't want to answer "yes" or "No" is because he knows that is a bait question. First of all if you understand anything at all, FBI can't decide outcome of a case. All FBI can do is gather evidence and present facts which they have already done. Read this : This is the left-wing's tactic to cause delay. Liberals understand if Kavanaugh gets confirmed they are all going to jail. All these Democrats are criminals. How do you think China got a better trade deal than the United States? Who is getting paid behind the doors? Look into pedophilia ring a.k.a : Pizza Gate? I think you have no the slightly clue as to what is really going on. Why are all these illegal immigrants coming into the country without being vetted? Have you ever wonder why? Is this good for America?? All of our tax dollars goes to subsidize illegals for their free healthcare and free college education? How does any of this make any sense? Again, have you ask yourself why this is happening? I think you are just a liberal sheep who can't think on their own and have your head buried in MSM for too long.