I Caught It Before They Edited It Out! (A Q Biscuit LOL!)

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This is not really much of anything, except amusing. I was watching the livestream of the US Attorney's press conference on Epstein. As it ended, the camera panned out and caught someone saying something about Q. I grabbed my phone and immediately replayed the last few seconds to catch this recording, knowing they would edit that out of the final cut. I was right, this little blip hit the cutting room floor. Except on my youtube channel... bwa-ha-ha!

The audio is not great, but she says "Man, all those Q-Anons are going to be freaking out over (at the 4 chans?) I am not sure about the last part. I was greatly amused that Q is enough of a phenomenon that random hot mic on random reporter would catch that comment.

I am also absolutely ecstatic over the possibility that Epstein will face justice. I am not really COUNTING on that happening. Did you notice who is on the prosecution team? A team hand picked for THIS case? Maureen Comey. Yes, yes, Jimmy's baby girl, ain't that cute?

Turn your sound up and your expectations down. This is a BISCUIT, not bread.

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Somebody burned down the part of the island he lived on, it was in the news the other day. A lot of people thought it might have been him but I am sure there's a whole list of possible suspects who frequented his private abode who feel there may be evidence of them visiting somewhere located inside.

Yeah, that actually happened in January. That is the one bad thing about the internet - stories get recirculated forever lol! https://cloverchronicle.com/2019/01/05/massive-fire-spotted-on-private-island-owned-by-billionaire-jeffrey-epstein/

Trivia time! Guess who owns the island next door? "Sir" Richard Branson.