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Giza pyramids are located on the west bank of the Nile River. Built about 25 centuries BC, between 2480 and 2550 BC. M. It includes three pyramids, Khufu, Khafra and Munkra.
Behind Khufu is his father Snafru, and his mother is Queen Hattab Haras I, and Khufu 2650 BC is the abbreviated name of Khannum Kho Foy (Khenom is the one who protects me). History tells Khufu that it is the greatest monument on earth, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the only surviving miracle of the seven ancient wonders of the world. His grandeur is not only due to the enormity of its construction, but also to its impressive internal layout. It was built around a cemetery with small pyramids for his wife and mother, "Hetep Haras", in addition to tombs in the form of terraces for members of the royal family and senior officials. The original height of the Great Pyramid is 146 meters and now it is approximately 137 meters long and the length of its base is 230 meters. As for the weight of stones, it ranges from one ton to eight tons or more. But do we imagine that this king was the owner of this giant building, we found only one very small statue measuring about 7.5 cm and from late times, since the king prevented at this time the establishment or sculpture of any statues where we did not find large statues in This period was only one statue and was hidden in the graveyard of Prince Rehotep and his wife, and perhaps the king wanted to start himself in preventing the construction of statues. King Khufu launched on his pyramid the name of Khufu's sister, Khufu's horizon, for the religious changes that occurred in his time. Stadlman explained that Khufu had abandoned the Egyptian faith and established himself as a god.
The pyramid of King Khufu has not been destroyed by the destruction of the ages. Diodore Sicily pointed out that the summit of the Great Pyramid is a platform about 3 meters wide and two meters long. But the top of the pyramid is not a platform, but Hermes may have been covered with gold. A part of his coat has been destroyed and lost.
Pyramid of Khafre is one of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. It was built by King Khafra, the fourth king of the fourth family, the son of King Khufu. He married Princess Ankh berths. Ruled twenty-six years. The second pyramid was built from the pyramids of Giza, which is lower than the pyramid of his father (Khufu). Its height was 143 meters and now 136 meters.

It was built over an area of ​​215 square meters, with two entrances on the north. And still retains part of its external exterior at the top. Within its hierarchical collection, statues of the shast stone were found in the special valley temple. Among them is a statue of the most beautiful sculpture produced by the Egyptian sculptor.

The pyramid of Khafra is located southwest of the pyramid of his father Khufu. The height is 143.5 meters and the length of each side 215.5 meters, and the angle of inclination 53.10. Located at the ground level, the entrance leads to a downhill corridor, its granite roof and slope angle 22. And ends at a barricade leading to a horizontal corridor, and then a slope leading to a cell called the error of the burial chamber is empty carved in the rock, and leads the corridor to another barricade rises to the top of a horizontal corridor ends in the burial chamber, and this room is limestone limestone ceiling, Pyramid, Khafre launched on the pyramid name (great).
Pyramid of Munkra or the Pyramid of King Munkra is one of the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Built by the pharaoh Munkarah son of King Khafre. The length of each side of the ribs of 108.5 meters and height of 65.5 meters, and now 62 meters after the fall of the exterior.

The angle is 51 ° 20'25 "(53/5 cm) and its entrance is to the north. The entrance rises about 4 meters above the surface of the earth and leads to a 31-meter-long landing strip. The angle of its slope is simple about 17 degrees. It was built of limestone, but Manqara chose to build the lower part of it from the granite that was brought from Aswan by the Nile. The granite coverage is about 17 meters high. The rest of the coverage was done with white stones until the height of 5 and 65 meters.

At the end of the sloping corridor is a stone-lined vestibule, leading to a horizontal corridor with three barricades and then the burial chamber. He was found on a wooden coffin named Munkara and his mummies. The drowned mummy is now reserved at the British Museum. He called his name "the holy" on his pyramid.

To the south of the pyramid of Menkara there are three pyramids allocated to the queens extending eastward west of the First Pyramid of Queen Khaar Marber Nabti II wife of King Menkaa.download.jpg

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