Pimp Your Post Thursday Today -- July 5th @11am EDT & 7:00pm EDT

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Well, Canada and July 4th are both past. The Canadians and Americans should have the parties out of their systems and ready to rock the platform with great posts.

Bring them along to today’s Pimp Your Post Thursday. Or, just show up and support those who do share. You can quickly run out of voting power so, remember, comments are good for encouragement.

Seems my cat Dawn is hanging out waiting for the shows to start:

The shows will be streamed live on Rambling Radio through DLive and then the recordings will be posted later as normal. The queue will be available for viewing on the stream.

We’ll do a giveaway during the show. You can enter for Steam Basic Income shares but you have to be there to win.

Come and take part, have some fun. Share your posts and meet other great Steemians.

What have you been working on this week? Do you have a great post you want to share?

Bring it along to Pimp Your Post Thursday today at 11am and 7pm.

Come on out and share those great posts at Pimp Your Post Thursday.

Promotion Channel for PYPT Attendees Only

Don’t forget. When you attain the role of PYPT Attendee for attending a session then you can post any of your posts to the #pypt-attendees-post-only channel on the Ramble.
I encourage you to regularly check out fellow attendees posts to upvote and/or comment on. Don’t forget to introduce your post as you post it.

Joining the Show

As always you come to the Steemit Ramble Discord to participate and present your post.

PYPT is About Networking and Sharing

Growing your audience on Steemit is partly creating great content and the other part is networking to get to know others and they to know you.

PYPT is an opportunity to network. We’ve had some great sessions so far, come join in.

Get your post ready to go and bring it along to either session. You’ll get a turn to present your post and let others get to know you and the content you create.

Come on over and join in at 11am EDT and/or 7pm EDT

Feel free to hop into the server and the voice chat at anytime to test out your connection or just say hello.

I Can’t Do Voice

Some people are not real comfortable on voice, you can use text if you wish. Some like to just listen in, that is okay too.

If you are going to present your post in text, prepare your comments in advance and be ready to copy/paste them into the text channel when called on.

Pimp Your Post Thursday

The Pimp Your Post Thursday FAQ

What is Pimp Your Post Thursday?

It is an opportunity to share your post on a voice chat with other attendees. You’ll get to present your post, talk about it and let others have a look at it. Your post does need to be in English

Where Will This Chat Take Place?

It will take place on the Steemit Ramble Discord Server in the voice chat channel Pimp Your Post Thursday. Join the voice-chat-text channel for the text to accompany the voice chat.

When Will This Chat Take Place?

Thursdays at 11am EDT & 7:00pm EDT. To convert to your local time. (Right click on the link and open in a separate window to stay in this post).

What Should I Bring?

— Have a link to your favourite post ready for when you’re called on.
— Know what you want to say about the link.

This will let other people know more about you and your blog. Listen carefully to others when they are talking. You want to be heard when you’re talking as well.

If you’ve not used Discord, you can use it in your web browser, on mobile or through the desktop app. Most people seem to find the desktop app works best for them on their computers. You can find it here.

So, come on over, invite your friends and let’s see if we can get to know each other and the content we create.

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Can't make it today but wish y'all a blast :)

Upvoting for Dawn!

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