Darkflame Delegation Game Pylon 2

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This post will payout 50% of the Liquid Steem earned in 7 days

to the user who comments a screen shot of the highest score in the comments!

You are an astronaut collecting Steem in Space.

Collect 33 Steem Rocks and you'll activate the Steemit Delegation Satellite!
Complete with SteemConnect and Power Up @DarkPylon with 0.333 SP!

It's fun to tap and collect Steem Rocks in space, and easy to delegate Steem Power with this simple game! Take a screenshot, post your score to Steemit to keep earning SP, and begin to share rewards from @DarkPylon Gaming!

Play http://spaced.mydarkflame.net




Use the locator button to find and Destroy Earth!

Space coins increase your ships shields and fuel, and you can collect gas bubbles when you need more fuel. You are encountering planetary defence and fighters are coming after you! Watch out for radiation particles and asteroids, use your blaster to destroy planets and rocks. Run away from comets and let your ships exhaust blow them up!

Delegate 5 Steem Power to @DarkPylon

Click This Box - Use your Active key with SteemConnect


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