Math Contest #26 Results and Solution

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The problem of this contest was to find the limit of a converging sum:
Screenshot from 2019-12-09 13-16-05.png
The solution of this problem involved quite a few steps.
Since the solution I came up with was longer and more complicated then what @lallo did I will just give you a link to what he/she/it did:
If you are interested in my solution anyway, I will post it as well.


List of participants with their entries:

Namesolution foundcomment
@lalloPerfect!+1 SBI for that!


Winner draw:

Not necessary since only 1 successful participant:
Congratulations @lallo , you won 2+1=3 SBI!

The next contest starts soon. Don't miss it!

This contest will continue as a 2-week contest as it's getting harder to find a unique problem and I have more stress lately.


I'm really happy for that. Thank you so much quantum!!
Have a...
And yes i'm interested in your solution

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