Math Contest #17 Results and Solution

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The problem of this contest was:
Screenshot from 2019-10-11 20-58-32.png
This equation can be factored to:
n⁸ × (4n² - 2n - 1) = 0
n = 0 OR (4n² - 2n - 1) = 0
As @mobi72 discovered you can use the quadratic formula on the right one and get:
n = 0 OR n = -¼ ±√(1/16 + 1/4) = -¼ ±√(5/16) = (-1 ±√5)/4

(0), ((-1 +√5)/4), ((-1 -√5)/4)

List of participants with their entries:

Namesolutions foundcomment
@sparkesy43n = 0As always going for the trivial solution only…
@mobi72all 3
@zuerichall 3


Winner draw:

Screenshot from 2019-10-14 22-40-32.png

Congratulations @sparkesy43 you won 1 SBI!

The next contest starts tomorrow. Don't miss it!

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Congrats @sparkesy43
I got as far as n-1=1/(2n) and then got distracted with life.

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