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In today's political-correctness-über-alles world, being male is no longer OK. Feminazis refuse to allow us to be who we are. We work hard at living up to their expectations, but it ain't easy. And I get the feeling that those who would have us stuff our sexuality have no real idea what it's like to be male. They probably don't care, either, but I'm going to say it, because, especially in light of #pussygate, it needs to be said.

Male Gorilla
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When you're male, and a reasonably attractive, potentially fertile woman is in the room, you pretty much always want to bang her. As I've gotten older, I've realized that that desire is not just to fuck. The desire is to impregnate. Right now. Right here. No matter who is watching.

Of course, very few of us actually act on that desire. That would be rape, a real violent crime (as opposed to the fake, victimless non-crimes that the police are so busy seeking these days, always and everywhere). But the desire is there. If the woman is showing lots of skin, or moving, or smiling, the desire is more intense. A beautiful woman walking into the room is like a slap across the face. It drains the blood from your brain, preparing it to do its work lower down. You can't think. You can barely breathe. The universe shrinks to that one desire.

When you're male, you get used to that. You don't always want to desire every woman in sight. So you learn to not look, to put your attention on something else, to ignore the one thing in the room your whole animal being wants to possess. Right now. But the desire itself never goes away. It's like a monkey around your neck. Always there. "You and me baby ain't nuthin' but mammals."

I guess some men are different. Some have better learned to deal with the monkey. Maybe it's less extreme for some, but from my experience talking to other men, most of us are alike in that department. The only real differences are how we handle it.

It has gotten easier as I've gotten older, but at sixty years, I still desire all reasonably-attractive women, from puberty, and my filter has widened as I've aged. I don't want to talk to young women. They are mostly silly, caring deeply about things that aren't even part of my universe. But I still want to impregnate them.

I have never grabbed a pussy, without full consent, but I want to. Every day. That's what it's like to be male. I have found no way to change it. I can only repress it. And I do. Every day.

P.S. I'm an anarchist. I don't want Donald Trump for president. I don't want Hillary Clinton. I don't want Gary Johnson, or Jill Stein, or Bernie Sanders, or Cthulhu. I don't want there to be a president.

Taxation is extortion, a heinous crime. End it.


I have never grabbed a pussy, without full consent, but I want to.

Then the difference between you and Trump is he actually has, and encourages the behavior. That's what people are pissed about, not simply desiring sex.

We need a president that can grab Americas enemies by the pussy.... pun intended. lol

Upvoted for daring to raise a sensitive topic.
In regard to Trump, at the age he had when he made those statements, he should have mastered manners towards women for decades already.

...he should have mastered manners towards women for decades already.

Indeed. I'm no fan of Trump. He and Hillary should both be in prison, if you believe in the concept of prison.

European politicians routinely have mistresses, with no apparent ramifications for their political careers. And polyamory is a thing. But somehow America still has a big puritanical streak. Not excusing Trump's admission of sexual assault, but I really wish I'd hear more about actual political issues, not personal morality, which we already know is small or non-existent in most politicians.

Thanks for the upvote. This piece is a potential reputation killer for me. But I had to write it.

This is the most policy-issues-free campaign in history. ;-)
There's plenty of mudslinging and character assassination going on though, but no serious debate on policy issues.

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