Pusheen Cat - The Most Adorable Cat Icon! (Present)

in #pusheenlast month

My student bought a souvenir for me from Australia, Perth. It was my favourite character now because Pusheen is a female chubby little feline that is cute and adorable.

It is very true that I love music because I am a piano teacher. I spend the day playing and teaching piano. Then, I also love food because I love cooking, tasting and commenting food. My mom is the best cook and she raised me up as a foodie bitch. Haha...

I don't have many friends but close ones were wonderful. My students are like my friends. My family is the most wonderful people of all. They leave me independent and never butt in into my matters.

I don't really appreciate sleep that much but I do understand that we need sufficient sleep to be amazing. So, Pusheen will teach me how to appreciate sleep!

Internet!? Love and can't live without!

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