What is Pushbullet, How to use and why

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 Pushbullet is an extension and app, available for Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Windows. Pushbullet connects your phone with your PC. Which means whenever you got text messages then your don’t need to pick your cell phone up, unlock the password, read the message, type with your tiny touch-screen keyboard, you just have to do is simply get the Pushbullet app or extension, sign up for Pushbullet or sign in with Google, and there you go you are done! now you can text back from your PC using Pushbullet. There are lots of features of Pushbullet app/extension. In this post we will discuss about the features of Pushbullet.

Why use Pushbullet:

As i said before there are many helpful features of Pushbullet. If you are curious to know more about this, then take a look at the features below:

SMS: This feature is helpful to android users only. As we all know the struggle of typing on a phone. We also know that typing is so much faster on a Keyboard than typing on a phone.

Phone’s Notifications: iPhone is by Apple so it only works with Mac. But, Android works with any computer. So, with this feature get instant notification on your computer never miss a call or text again, You can see WhatsApp messages, phone calls and more.

Suggestions: Follow interesting things is another feature of Pushbullet, get notified about things you care about.

Sharing: Share whatever you want from any device with Pushbullet’s this feature you can instantly share link and send files with your friends and family.

Chit-Chat: Chitty chitty chat chat Our day won’t pass until we talk to our loved ones. Here is an another feature of Pushbullet, Chat with friends and family from any device.

How to Use Pushbullet:

 If you are using PC then I guess you will need Pushbullet Extension. Add Pushbullet extension to your browser. Then sign up for Pushbullet or you can just simply sign in with Google/Facebook. After signing in you will see your Pushbullet dashboard which might be like as in the screenshot below: 

 So this is your dashboard, By clicking “Set up your phone” there you will have two options “Android” or “iPhone”. If you are using one of these OS then Pushbullet will tell you to install the app. After installing the app Click on “Done” button. Look at the screenshot below: 

 After clicking “Done” button Pushbullet will take you to “Set up your computer”, in this option you need to select the OS of your PC. By doing this Pushbullet will easily connected to your phone and computer. 

 I hope you are following the instructions. Next step is “Text from your computer”. This option is Android app, you can text from your computer via Pushbullet. 

 Next option “See your Notification”. Pushbullet provides every single information. That’s why I personally like this tool. 

 Here comes “Push Links/Files to devices”, as you can see its kinda sharing option. Pushing links/files to devices is very simple with Pushbullet. 

 Do you like chatting? Yes! chat to your phone from PC via Pushbullet. Pushbullet allows you to chat simple and easy from your PC. Don’t know how to add people? You can see that there is an option under setup “People” By clicking on People, click on “Add a friend” and search for your friend to start a new conversation on your PC. 

 Download APK file: Pushbullet 

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