I'm leaving STEEM Blockchain in 21 days, if I don't see Minimum 2000 True STEEMians participating in STEEM Seven77 ($7.77) Challenge on Twitter. Thank you

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Seven77 Challenge Tweet
Step 1. Write One reason why you believe in STEEM
Step 2. Write Day X of 777 #Seven77 #STEEM @nathanmars7
Step 3. Attach video of you doing Seven e.g. push-ups

Seven77 Challenge Participation
Simple 1. One Seven77 Challenge Tweet a day

PushBOOk Model won't change until 31st July, New Members will be added everyday, LOVE Tokens will be distributed everyday, PushBOOk Rewards will be distributed everyday and next PushBOOK post will be published on 1st August. Click Here to read latest version of PushBOOk Model


Hey Nathan - I have immense respect for you and all that you are doing for Steem. I'm very sad to hear about your current feelings towards Steem, the community and the (not?) succeeding of #Seven77.

I really hope you can, as Asher already laid out in his comment above, see your 'numbers' in perspective. If only 5000 accounts post a day, of which maybe half are alt accounts or spammers, so 2500 real accounts are posting, and you get 650 of those to participate in #Seven77 you have done an INCREDIBLE job!

Seriously. That's not failing, that's succeeding.

Now I can't decide for you what you want to do with your time and how you want to spend it and when you feel like you were successful. I just really feel you were REALLY successful.

I know you don't expect me to explain myself for why I don't participate on #Seven77 daily, but I want you to know there are many reasons why I believe a person chooses to not participate, some are about the possibility of getting/not getting a job, having online stalkers that you don't want to get extra clues about where you live, feeling depressed and not being able to participate daily, or just even the simple reason that 'only one minute' sounds like nothing, but it's still a minute on top of things a person already chooses to do with their day. There's only so many 'only a minute' things you can do in a day.

That's not about you, not the passion of the Steem community, that's just numbers and complexities of life.

Summary: In my view #Seven77 is a huge success, and the fact that the numbers are stagnating can have many many reasons that will never be fully understood.

Much love,

I fully agree!

I like viral initiatives, but not every initiative is for everyone and I f.e. won't do this one because I don't care about twitter and won't make a video about me doing anything.

Agree, totally. I like the idea of helping promote Steemit but I don't do Twitter and much more no videos of myself doing something like push-ups.

there are many reasons why I believe a person chooses to not participate, some are about the possibility of getting/not getting a job, having online stalkers that you don't want to get extra clues about where you live, feeling depressed and not being able to participate daily, or...

What she said! ⬆

Hi @nathanmars

I'm sorry to hear of your mood and feelings towards Steem and the community today and would like to say a few things to try to encourage you and put the seven77 movement into perspective.

Yesterday, 5310 different authors made a top level post on Steem.

I am willing to say that conservatively, half of the accounts that posted are alternate personal accounts or community accounts - I posted from 3 accounts yesterday, and know of at least 3 other members who posted with at least two accounts.

Secondly, of those that are individuals here on Steem, many do not wish to share their identity in a video, or tie any other social media to their Steem account.

Thirdly, we have to account for people without twitter accounts, or without the technology /data+bandwidth/ understanding to record and upload a video to Twitter each day.

For these reasons, I believe that the fact you have gotten around 650 people to take part in the seven77 movement is an amazing result, and you should be proud of this fact. #seven77 has easily been the biggest drive of engagement on a social media network, promoting Steem, outside of Steem.

I wish you well, whatever you decide to do and want to thank you for driving Steem forward.



This makes so much sense to me, especially

individuals here on Steem, many do not wish to share their identity in a video

And I said as much to @nathanmars on Twitter. I admire his commitment and tenacity and what he has achieved. At the risk of seeming patronising and using cliches: Rome wasn't built in a day, and different strokes for different folks.

And, Nathan, I join Asher in wishing you well, whatever you decide to do. Should you go, Steemit will be the poorer.

Thanks for the reply @fionasfavourites

I'm glad to hear Nathan has heard similar already, his effort has been huge and i can understand the feeling of dejection and tiredness when you put so much into something and the results are not as you wish.

As above though, I think the reasons are out of our control, and feel that what has already been achieved is worth celebrating.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and different strokes for different folks.

Sometimes cliches like the ones above help to give focus.

Hey bro..

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While I love that you are doing some outreach. I am NEVER doing push ups on Twitter.

Make your own choices. I support the tweets, but that's as far as it goes for me.

Also I don't respond well to threats.

But Please try and just post something about steem so that we can get steem to trending on twitter and I know when steem get on trending it will be a big thing for steem because it will be discuss accross the world

Real entrepreneurs don't quit where they see potential, they're patient. That's why I'm not afraid you're leaving. I may be wrong...

On the other hand... seven77 movement is BIG! Maybe not as big as you want it but it's big. Some people are having a hard life and working all day and then they have their own steem profile to take care of and maybe don't have time for twitter. Some of them don't know about Twitter....
At the end of the day, I don't know why are u sad and demotivated to say something like this. You maybe wanted more than you can bite so it feels bad but I am convinced if u continue to pushit with your army, it will be just fine.

Expectations sucks, don't follow them.

On the other hand, some people are promoting Steem on other social networks so there are a lot of things going on besides seven77.

Don't quit, that's not you. It's just a bad day...

Real entrepreneurs don't quit where they see potential, they're patient.

Well said.

Potential can't keep the lights on...

...some people are promoting Steem on other social networks so there are a lot of things going on besides seven77.

Yes sir! That is a fact, Jack !

Quit Old Steem and join #newsteem!


Yup. My tag for external sharing now!

#newsteem it's a thing!

@nathanmars Wow. I wasn't expecting that. I wish fellow Steemians would step up to the plate. After 115 straight days, it seems such a shame to quit now. Just know you have always had my support and I thank you for all the support and time and effort you have put into #seven77.

I'm leaving STEEM Blockchain in 21 days, if I don't see Minimum 2000 True STEEMians participating in STEEM Seven77 ($7.77) Challenge on Twitter.

Don't make promises that you won't keep.

Also...who has time for push-ups when you can already get ripped with 7-Minute Abs? Maybe you should do a 7-77-7-7-777-77-7777-7-77.77 challenge with crunches or something. That might do the viral trick.

Good luck moving over to Voice, bro! Hope it's fun for you!

Upvoted for ab-aggrandizement.

These push-ups ain't helping my belly none and this is for sure! I have rug burns on my belly now from doing these pushups, thank you very much!


I deeply can understand you Nathan..
I for myself started nearly at the beginning of 777 , pushed every single day, uploaded my vids, tried many times to invite bigger Steemians to join with very, very small success.
The last weeks I dived deeper into the problematic of the upcoming HF21, read posts and more important the comments to these posts, I followed discussions on telegram, discord, sometimes I made my own comments.
A kind of resignation hit me after I realized how many Steemians, especially middle class users worry about the changes.
The big ones don't worry, they know they will profit the most.
But that's a mistake, they will lose the most...
There's no way to talk with them, they know everything better, well, up to them.
777 was and still is the best movement ever on Steem, but as you said already, it's not honored by the witnesses and the other mighty Steem users.
So what to do?
I have already the same thinking to leave Steem, I see at this time no reason why the Steem price should rise , serious investors should invest or why the so much needed masses should join Steem.
For new users it will be much more difficult to grow in the future as it already is.
Wrong decisions at the wrongest time.
It's really sad to see.
Have a nice day anyway Nathan,
I feel a little bit pity for new and middle class users who give their energy and heart to Steem.
Best regards and much Love from Thailand 🇹🇭 to Japan 🇯🇵

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Ronaldo left Real Madrid

When he played for Real Madrid he made them win

I deeply want to win with $STEEM and I’ll wait until 31st July to see if my fellow STEEMians wants to win with $STEEM too

I can understand.

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Ronaldo also had a SUPPORTING cast with him. Stay or go, the decision you make is one you will have to be behind.
I couldnt do the twitter campaign since my 12 year account was permanently suspended.

You are right! It’s very difficult for small planktons and Minnows to grow! It’s very difficult to build a cohesive community here. Wondering how many people could afford to go to Steem Fest4! It’s for the big fish to get their new networking for common benefits! Poor Steemians will have zero opportuni

Let us see what happens at the end of this month but if you are leaving, those who have been wanting to win with you will be deeply sad. I mean those who are reallyyyy putting heart and effort in #Seven77. But I totally understand what you mean. And let us hope for the best. I hope for the best for you. And for us. For Steem.

Cheers. ❤️

Hay brother @nathanmars please don't leave this platform because there are some people those who have full faith on steem and some who have just came for fun so i know it will be difficult but i request you that no matter what please don't leave as though we are growing slowly but still we are going to win in long run.

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I can understand this situation. If you'll leave steem platform who will lead fellow Steemians. I think positively within next 21 days, will join at least 2000 Steemians. I know some people very laziness and shame to do continuous efforts. So please be patience and try to go brightness journey further.

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Never give up Nathan!! I will be resuming #seven77 tomorrow.

I apologize for not doing it for awhile. Rest assured, it wasn't because of laziness but I will dig deep and do my best.

We appreciate everything you have done & do. 🙏♨️❤️

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Actually @nathanmars, I lied. Check Twitter ♨️🙏😉

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ouch..😥 such a bad news i ever saw on this platform,lets bring more STEEMarmies brother..hold on.

😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮 whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!

I’m not happy with my Fellow STEEMians attitude and laziness

Yes, I know that demotivates a lot, but don't give up, change your plan, look at all the magnificent results you have achieved, you have influenced remarkably, change your plan, have fun and enjoy the process!

Oh wow. Really? That’s sad. I hope leadership will get on board and support this endeavor as they should.
Don’t give up just because they did.

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Please Don’t be sad

I truly believe that my fellow STEEMians won’t let me leave

I wish It would depend on me. I have been postponing my entry to the 777 challenge for some time. Many people in the #powerhousecreatives community are encourangingly participating and I have some friends, such as @certain, who have invited me to participate several times.
I will enter this week and post about your ultimatum, @nathanmars, but there is a variety of reasons for people not to partcipate more actively here or in multiple platforms.
Sometimes you have 5 minutes of internet and you have to decide what to do: post? comment? upvote? read? disord? twitter? facebook? any-of-the-other-steemit-mirror sites?
It's hard.
Anyway, I esteem you highly. I admire your tenacity and example and I'll do my share.Hopefully,my friends from @EquipoCardumen will be able to join. They want to do more, but like most venezuelans they are very limitted. I am working miracles, here. People may read some of the things we posthere and have no idea the kinds of push-ups we have to do to get one nice post out.

This will amazing having such a good seven77 family hustler here like you.
I am waiting anxiously for your first pushups challenge.
Thank you for being part of #steemarmy community.

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Greetings, my friend.
Just so you know. I have been trying to upload the video via Dtube and it has impossible o far.
I decided to go with Youtube and after 2 1/2 hours it has uploaded only 30% (and the video is less than a minute long).
I'll have to cancel for today and try tomorrow. These are the kinds of things that make it hard to work on certain formats.


You have done great things to get a group going. Get your top people into a discord room and hash out the future. So many people are in your corner and you have many options. Pushup videos are fine and have gotten you those people. But how else can they help you and all of us here at steem.

@jerrybanfield is offering free 100% upvotes with his whale sp. He only got 250 people to sign up in a week. So your big number is not going to happen.


I know you are one of the people who signed up for that fat vote. So let's get your people to have it too. Yes, we need billionaires. But a stronger middle class will help draw them in. I comment on and look at those people's posts from your links daily, and see many getting 10 cent payouts day after day.

Be proud of the gang you have gathered, and now use those resources in different ways. You have heard the many reasons people don't do push-ups You have enough people doing them already. Now how else can you market steem with your amazing team?

Get your top people into a discord room and hash out the future.

Teamwork, you are not alone @nathanmars. Don't forget that!

I think he just took off to meet a billionaire in the last post.

Of course not. We'll continue with the community that we have formed already. We will move on. And we'll find other ways and means to go forward. Brainstorm with those who wants to stay.

We do not need steem.just stay with us.i am heart patient I go daily for walk.i am not pushing up but I with you.plz just motivate us.we need your leadership.motivation I have not steem but your leadership make us best.plz plz

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Day 04 of 777 Challenge
My love for steem I did 27 push ups. Steemit @iykeconero

#Steem #Seven77 @NathanMars7

I posted here because my twitter could not upload the complete pushup video. The 30sec of the video is on twitter......handle @iykeco_nero

thanks to @nathanmars

Never Stop Never Give Up
Steem On ! 💙♨💙♨💙♨💙

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I never give up on winning

I will give up on losers

But you give up on yourself if you leave.

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Yes, I agree. You need to stay. We have our community. You’ve formed it there are people who wants to stick around. We want to win too.

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Hello? "Losers" because we didn't do the little pushups and shitpost about it every day?

Are you serious or is a clickbait?

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I’m very serious

21 Days and counting

Only my fellow STEEMians can stop me leaving STEEM

Why leave it up to other steemians to determine you fate?

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I will keep going my 777 challenge even if you quit. ;)

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I really wish someone could get through to nathanmars and convince him that to change his rules about #seven77 abruptly to include posting @blocktivity and FCAS scores for steem on each tweet , and he shoulld ntbe suprised that no eon cares about stupid pushups lol

INSTEAD we could do SO much more for steem, if we simply have everyone post a daily screenshot, of blocktivity.info stats and circle steem on the list, SHOULD BE SIMPLE enough for ANYONE.... make ita game , tell them to just take a screenshot of that site and find steem, circle or underline if they can, or just poist teh image, and make sure people see how high steemis on the list ..... that will so so much more for us now, than pushups, the pushups were necisary to start the network of peoplebut now we must get peopel to actually say something about steem ... so much wasted potential
https://twitter.com/search?src=typd&q=steemit SOME of the videos are actually mentioning steem but most are so vaguye and its jjust desperate peopel wanting to get some steem and not really understanding the point here ....... but if nathan simply gave themn more of a purpose, to have them at least show off BLOCKTIVITy.info score for steem of that day OR simply repost the coinmarketcap steem FCAS score, also dyna,mic which they can screenshot day byd ay... it woudl dpo SO MUCH MORE for us.....

I JUST read and watched this.

I don't think you understand how MANY people you DO IMPACT every day with the #Seven77 challenge.

You got me on Twitter when I didn't want to. You still keep me on Twitter doing what I can. I have never done it for me but for YOU. I do it to show YOU I am backing YOU 1000%.

Give people the reasons that you gave me WHY Twitter is so important. Write it out. or record it like you are talking to me so everyone understands WHY it is so important.

Seven77 has been going for a long time. When people got to 77 days and were told 777 more days I knew some would give up. 77 days is a HUGE commitment for anyone. Yet so many did that....... You already achieved what very few on Steem have been able to do.

You brought people from ALL over the platform together.

I'm not going to tell you to change your mind. It's YOUR choice but I am offering you suggestions on how and why you are seeing what you are seeing.

I would LOVE it if you had time to talk to me.



Most of members of #seven77 are from @dcooperation , what you are talking about ? Let me count them : @emsonic , @behelen , @steemflow , @freecrypto , @rem-steem , @rehan12 , @hafizullah , @mamun123456 , @iamjadeline , @jeronimorubio , @dmilliz , @alokkumar121 .

They are all actively participating in #seven77

And even @blind-spot , @priyanarc , @josediccus and much more can confirm that.

I don't know why @nathanmars is saying things about @dcooperation , but we are a little community and we don't have that much people. Only about 200.

Please look for proves before you blame someone with something wrong !

did you listen to his whole video?

Maybe talk to Nathan and not me about this.

yeah, I watched that, I think he will see my reply here.

We are all doing something for steem and that's great.

Having more than 600 people supporting you @nathanmars is also great.

You brought people from ALL over the platform together.

Focus on what your vision has accomplished already! A wise woman gave me that type of advise on more than one occasion.

Hey there,

I'm not on the challenge but saw this post and think that this is kind of ridiculous. In a sense... You are actually bringing people down because you want to win so much rather than pushing and rising those that have been working so hard on this challenge.

Seriously it sounds like my kid talking. " I'm not gonna eat my supper if you don't give me dessert!" Oh no... I better give my kid dessert

Hey has it ever occurred to you that perhaps not everyone that wants to take part wants to show their faces, maybe not everyone that wants to take part want to be on twitter. Think about it.

You are trying to win with the people (apparently) but what else are you doing to make that happen? Expand to make it work, change things to make it work, that's what true leaders do, not threaten to leave if this and that doesn't happen. I'm actually surprised that no one is pointing this out.

Honestly, you would be the one to quit on the people with having such expectations and would be most unfortunate to do.

Perhaps rethink your plan, study what other people have done to have been able to climb the ladder and accept that things won't always go YOUR way.

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...change things to make it work, that's what true leaders do...

Above you will find wisdom and instruction. Truer words were never spoken.

Thank you. I'm glad you see it that way as well.

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Obviously, not everyone has Twitter (I don't). That's why many of us are here.

Also, many Steemians elect to preserve their privacy, so connecting Steem accounts with personal info is not an easy or fair request for many. You don't mind being visible, but a lot of people in crypto do, and that's something you should be respectful of -- instead of judging them as not being on board for growing your vision to ultimately help Steem. There are many other ways to help outside of your personal game plan you're expecting others to contribute to.

Realistically, threats and ultimatums are just about the worst things to do when you want more help, so this might have hurt more than helped. IF you're leaving for another reason, just be transparent about it. Needing a high arbitrary number of daily Tweets to meet your expectations seems like a bit of a cover up for another intention if I'm being honest. There's no good reason to power down at these rock bottom prices, so something doesn't add up when you say that all you want to do is win and are not blaming others.

...threats and ultimatums are just about the worst things to do when you want more help, so this might have hurt more than helped.

You right on the money. Been there, done that, don't work.

~Expectations of others often leads to disappointment~
Seems like you have a good thing going with your project...why blow it by demanding such a thing?

I read this and had to wonder if it's basically a marketing ploy to draw attention to the challenge. I've done similar things myself for my nonprofit, and the strategy does work. People respond, though not always favorably. At least it gets them talking.

I believe a lot of projects are happening on Steem that go unrecognized and unappreciated. I can think of several. Speaking for my own, however, @steemhousepub has been systematically ignored from the beginning, even blacklisted because of political drama. No matter. We didn't take our toys and go home. We stuck with it, and August 1, the name "Steemhouse Publishing" with its direct reference to the Steem blockchain (and website links) will be distributed in a major trade publication to hundreds of thousands of subscribers. How's that for reaching the mainstream? Yet ours is a project you yourself elected to not get behind, other than your words of well wishes when I contacted you earlier this year on Telegram. We stuck with it, though, and will have lots to report at SF4 if we're able to take the stage again.

The point is, we didn't quit when we had no support at all from anyone on the blockchain. Did it feel like a slap in the face? You bet it did. But like whack.science said, real entrepreneurs don't quit where they see potential. They're patient. There may come a time to leave the Steem blockchain, if and when the blockchain itself fails. Other than that, the fate of our project does not depend on how many Steemians we influence, guilt, bribe, or coerce into supporting us. It depends entirely on the work we do ourselves bringing Steem to the masses in a way that interests and entices them.

The point is, we didn't quit when we had no support at all from anyone on the blockchain. Did it feel like a slap in the face? You bet it did.

Many here on the blockchain, I am sure, have felt exactly the same way. They ain't quit. They are still here. Kudos to each and everyone of them.

Dear Sir @nathanmars,
Really! What to say? Can not find the language, because for some time people get stuck, when they hear any unacceptable words from a favorite person.

I know, there are many peoples like me in this huge community who follow you, find inspiration from you, get self-confidence, and dream of going far away for success. It's unexpected to me!

I always say, my start was not good, I did not have the confidence to work here. I still remember, initially you used to ask a question every day, from which I could find something new, and think again. I have learned from you that people have nothing to say about impossible, just need a long term plan.

Today, I am working in ease, whose contribution is yours. I admit it all the time, your companions changed my thoughts, increased my self-confidence, which I would like to go further far. But not without you.

Yes, maybe we could not work as you demand, We could not help you enough, but I can say that my efforts were not weak. I have tried everything from the beginning.

It's a lot of trouble, maybe not all I can say. But just say that, do not break our dreams! We will try more, maybe it will be a little late but we will not fail.

Thanks for understand everything.

But just say that, do not break our dreams!

Here is another admirer that respects you. Just saying...

Please don't leave Nathan! You are a source of encouragement to so many people at the moment.

You are a source of encouragement to so many people at the moment.

Your people...

I for once have not participated directly in the 777 movement on twitter but I have been lending my voice in liking, commenting and retweeting the 777 posts. This is also as important as actually posting a video of me doing pushups. I have over 7k followers between and I believe I did the best I could. I really do not want a video of my face all over twitter.

I didnt know you were such an easy quiter.

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Certainly this has been the problem of the steem blockchain from day 1, the facilitators never gets into the community, they just stand out like mere investors
Reason why most of my friends ported to EOS, still here tho and hoping one day the people in charge will see that community actually comes first, will try my possible best to get as much as i can to join the push up challenge on twitter

I had time that did not publish, but thanks to Seven77 the challenge what you created, I started to publish and even invest in Steem Now I'm going to 108 in power.

I hope you continue ahead because here the whales do not vote for anyone only for them

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I can understand your frustration with the whole scenario and I don't know why the other bigger steemians don't want to get on board with the seven77 but so far you have done a wonderful job. I really don't want you to leave steem, it is such a wonderful alt.
Right now people are FOMOing on bitcoin and money is flowing in there but am sure some of that money will flow into the alts pretty soon. Steem is for sure one of the best ones. Please lets keep going and hold on a little longer.

I had truly hope it won't get to this but the thing is that we do not see a lot of people who are connected to the 777 and helping steem through a whole lot, it's definitely saddening and really I'm hurt. I wish the Steem team can feature this Post because it's exactly a call out to the Steem community about this amazing awareness really, I've hoped a lot that Many can see the potential in what we're doing but the focus is just tuned to the hardfork alone.
O would sincerely hope you don't go, I hope a whole lot of people resteem this so it can get featured so that we can have a lot of people seeing it. I will keep doing my best hoping you don't go

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Quitters Never Win & Winners Never Quit <3

On the flip side though, I feel like it's a lot to juggle btwn twitter, and being active on Steem. This is like the 3rd time I am attempting to be consistent on twitter to no avail. I also can't help but think, if we want Steem to go to $7.77, shouldn't we be encouraging people to buy rather than do exercises? Maybe like #steembuychallenge? :D

All in all, I am positive you can never abandon this platform, you love it way too much <3 <3 & we learn a lot from you. Maybe just take a break to recharge.

Sending you love from Kenya <3


it's a lot to juggle btwn twitter, and being active on Steem

I am with you, sister! And some of us have day jobs.

@nathanmars - Don't be despondent, perhaps it's a bit like Everest: too much at the first go. I love your energy and commitment, which sometimes overtakes other people. So. Rethink, refresh, refuel. You've not failed.

He certainly hasn't. I haven't seen a person who can harmonized 650 people on the platform to work towards a common goal, but he has. That is already a win.

wait @nathanmars this is a beautiful struggle that you are doing, continue I like and support you

Hey Bro @nathanmars
Am always with you and have been working since twitter hustle and seven77 program.

Please don't give up as you're doing wonderful work. Beacuse of your leadership we (over 500 people) are participating together to make steem even popular and take it to next level. Don't leave the platform and I am hopeful that more people will join seven77.

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we must make this possible ..

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OK, I can understand how you feel but you also have to take into account certain things, for example while I would have no problem with this movement I just can't participate in it, I can't make 7 push ups, I'm sorry I just can't if I were to do seven I would push myself beyond my limits and could possibly get hurt I am not that young. Push ups have always for some reason eluded me I can walk long distances I can do a lot of sit ups, I can do a lot of exercises but not push ups, so don't think everyone who isn't following you is just because they don't care there might be a reason you wouldn't expect.

You have DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

don't do that

every day new steemians join seven77 challenge and seven77 network is growing.
it needs time. bitcoin price was low for a long time and then BOOM!!!

It is really very SAD news.

Don't leave it...your doing an awesome job om steem blockcahin @nathanmars

You are our power.plz stay with us we need you..

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Steem will do fine, no one cares about your cringe persona on here.

as long there is no crypto alternative (@voice.news) there is no else to go. I will never go back to FANG + Twitter platforms.

We have come a long way to give up now. Steem is a brand and what we have been doing so far is protecting that brand. The pushbook members are solidly behind you on this from what I've observed. I'm not sure why the big guys have refused to support our project when they are aware it will benefit us all in the end. I understand how you feel, but our hardwork so far has not been fruitless. You have all my support at anytime bro. I suggest we keep calling out on the top guys while awaiting the outcome.
If you ask me, I wouldn't want you to leave.


Just curious.. how many do we have now?

Ok 650.. I really didn't expect the video to play for me out here in the campground.. I understand you want to win.. we all want to win.. winners never quit.. that's why they're winners .... #determination #commitment !tip

Winners never quit winning

Crypto winners are playing on Twitter

We must play on Twitter to make our $STEEM Win

Shit.. tipping myself.. Doh!

Thanks a million for the tip and the commitment to our $STEEM & Seven77 Challenge

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Even though you are part of the problem I will send you a token of my appreciation for your misguided actions on trying to market STEEM. This is for nothing you have contributed. Just maybe I give you something so you will help us clean up before we invite others into our house.


Hi nathanmars the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
To view or Trade SHADE visit steem-engine.com

Hello fellow @nathanmars

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You have earn a total of $0.004 so far. keep it up.
Together we can achieve our goal and push STEEM to the moon.

At the current time my full vote worth $0.02 but with your help this can change.
Delegating power will increase my vote worth and your reward.
10SP, 20SP, 30SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1,000SP, 5,000SP, Custom Amount
Make sure you have at least 15 SP left on your account.

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Dear @nathanmars, I am so sorry for what you felt, but please do not discourage yourself. You are such a good example for us believing what would be the outcome of steem. You know, the one who recruited me joining steemit is not active anymore. They only love steemit when the value was high and after the downturned, some of my friends quitted and never come come back. But I know, they have a feeling of regrets, most especially when they see me growing by the cents I kept in my wallet through my steem power. It's not the people could bring the success but it is our own self. Thank you so much Sir Nathan, don't quit! You helped a lot of people and you are successful here.

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I've joined the challenge and I hope to bring in my friends too. Getting 2000 Steemians is attainable buddy

If the price of steem goes up .30, you will make your quota.
People don'r participate when the price is low.

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