Paying with BTC makes a lot of sense!

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I have just ordered a case for my iPad again using bitcoin on amazon. I just broke the old case.

I have to admit I did buy that broken thing on amazon and did not use bitcoin. To my defense i may have been price insensitive and wanted it quickly.

If you buy things on amazon and don't use bitcoin to pay for it you must either

  • not know that you can use bitcoin
  • be a lazy idiot
  • be price in-sensitive
  • really are under time pressure (still not good excuse)

Here is my current order:


This is on If you have not tried this out, please use my affiliate link:

Purse allows you to create a wishlist on amazon and then have someone buy the stuff you want for you and ship it to you. But here is the kicker: You will determine the price in BTC that you are willing to pay.

The counterparty may pay anyway they like but you will pay in BTC, at your discounted rate.

In the past I have been successful with rates around 20-30%. That is huge when you buy big items.

The last time i used the service is when I bought my monitor.

Here is the order:


As you can see the order was accepted the same day I ordered it.

Why do people do this? Pay 20-30% more for their bitcoin and buy them in this complicated way?

Well this is effectively a remittance service for people that have some form of amazon credit they need to get rid off. If you had a amazon gift card this would be a simple way to liquidate it.

For me as a buyer there is no risk, as I pay only after having received the items. Purse is the escrow service in between.

Its an amazing service.

If you did not know, there is now no excuse anymore for you to not safe 20-30% every time you buy something on amazon.


Again the order was filled right away (same day)






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Interesting case indeed. Thanks for sharing

Had never heard of it! Interesting idea though... Will need to look into it next time I look to buy something online, thanks for sharing!

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Interessante Geschichte. Leider ist in Deutschland immer noch nicht geklärt, wie das steuerlich aussieht. Daher bezahle ich praktisch mit keiner Kryptowährung...... Schade und absurd.
Abgesehen davon würde mich interessieren, was denn im Falle eines Umtauschs oder einer Rückgabe passiert. Läuft dass dann auch über diese Drittpartei? Was passiert, wenn du etwas mit BTC kaufst und du bekommst nichts/wirst gescammt? Gibt es da eine Sicherung?

Ich verstehe dass man Amazon Gutscheine loswerden will. Bei Pokerstars gabs die früher als Rakeback und wir haben sie im Pokerstrategy Forum in Fiat umgetauscht zu 90+%. Der Discount hier ist schon extrem hoch, was mich skeptisch werden lässt.


Der umtausch ist ganz normal wie bei jedem anderen amazon kauf.

Wow man!! i cant pay with BTC on Amazon in Mexico =(

Will have to try that out in the near future - Thank you for suggesting it :)

Thanks for telling about this. I'll keep that in mind.

Interesting and I have also been looking at it before. I have two questions, though.

  1. Do you know if there could be any consequences if the payment were to be made with a stolen card?

  2. Does the service work in the EU? and for instance.

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  1. No. Stolen cards wont work, they may delay the process for you, but since you will only pay if you received your stuff there is no risk for you.

  2. It works in certain countries, UK i think is one of them. You can check their website which counties are supported


Thanks for your response.

As for 1. I found this reddit comment which I can obviously neither confirm or reject: "This happened a long time ago, and some people got raided by police in I think Germany or something for using purse. Scammers were using stolen credit cards to purchase the items and the police traced the products to the purse user's residence. Since then I have not heard of many similar reports, so hopefully they have improved things."

As for 2, I found:

"While browsing or searching on Purse, you will find items from [...] We also offer limited support for ,, "

I have so far been using the most, but I guess I will consider my options when making my next order and check .co.k


I would think this must have been quite the edge case. I have had orders cancelled from what were obvious scams and a few occasions where purse had to step in.

Nothing bad ever happened except the loss of time of course.

Good post

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