The Messiah Revealed Himself Last Purim; What Have You Done?

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As prophesy foretold, last Purim the Messiah was anointed. How many have given him thanks and obeyed his commandments since that time?

If the string of events since then hasn't been enough of a wakeup call, from the threats and near WWIII due to the bickering between Iran and multiple nations, the mass fires and flooding around the world, COVID-19, and now the market crash, then the bigger hits will knock you out.

Until the Lord Wears a Crown of Gold...
The Suffering Continues
Not sure if the masses pay attention to the meaning of the name CORONA Virus
If they looked to the meaning they might understand more.
a part of the body resembling or likened to a crown.
They shall bear the suffering he had to bear until they recognize him as King. It goes to show you how many look to God as prime creator, father to both fear and Love vs treat as a remedy to self-imposed problems. They..the people, the leaders pray for cures, but no reasoning to how it got to this point regardless of the pathway of causes/ source.
They now have to wear the thorns so that they understand. So that they seek God and his son vs wait for constant rescue and blessings.
If people pray and seek may it be for God's will


Let these events be a reminder.

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