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Watch out:
PURA prepares the Aurora platform for hundreds of trading platforms!!

The PURA has received from its early days, from mining or purchasing on many exchanges, to hold over a long period of time over the past year. A period of time that educated them about PURA, Crypto currencies and blockchain technology in digital currencies in particular.
Pura is for everyone – however, Pura may not be for people who do not know how to wait, determine long-term and correct investment viewpoint with the chosen Coin!
Thus, a period of time is enough to purge the speculative organization, so that the PURA coin is distributed, spread, disseminated, dispersed more to small communities, with less capital, to give them a chance to own PURA.
This is also the goal and plan of PURA: "Decentralization", which aims to limit the amount of coins that are concentrated, to be widely shared, creating a fairness for the public interest.

The new Aurora platform will empower the community to get in touch with the practical of new persuasive features, innovative technology that is unique to the Crypto world.
Update information:
In order to build the largest and strongest brand in the Cryptocurrency world, the PURA currency has spent a great deal of time researching, investigating every corner, every vulnerability of Bitcoin and Altcoin.
With a new market developed in recent years, a very potential market, PURA identifies directly go straight into that, because PURA itself completes its platform beyond other crypto cureencies., including most famous currencies that are on the top.
Every great feature from the PURA superstar will give the market unprecedented benefits in the history of crypto currencies. The community will welcome the investors, business people, trading platforms and big corporate investors such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and more.
Many corporations, nations that are experiencing currency crises will not overlook the opportunity to embrace PURA.

The Aurora platform is the perfect platform for PURA to launch into the market, which is the most necessary platform and the most perfect foundation for a long and successful research, which is being established to spread to the community.
This is the foundation for the PURA, an Altcoin that has the best roots that will bring value in the future.
If you want to build a high house then you must know how to build a good foundation.
Certainly this is a great opportunity for PURA, PURA will be listed on many platforms and will be on many coming major trading exchanges.
We will look forward to the coming days and feel the happiness.

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