Batcave Files episode 245th with Sideways Geoffrey *NEW

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*Photo taken by @jasonrussell

Sideways Geoffrey rocking out their stellar bat debut file tune "Kids Aren't Right" in their bat debut file episode!!!! - For more bat awesome please subscribe & check out - A super bat thanks to @melodyrussell & @johnbutler & the rest of Sideways Geoffrey's for rocking out their awesome punk rock roll in da Batcave last week!!! Rock N Punk Roll!!!

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#245th Batcave Files Episode Youtube Video:

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Thumb Nail Photo by Jason Russell

  • Thanks! Rock N Bat Roll!!
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Seriously awesome matt!! Great way to kick off your blog here!!! Steeem on!!!

Gosh this is awesome!!

awesome man. thanks for helping us out. I'll be sure to lookout for more!!!