Batcave Files Artist Blog 8th: Clitoris Rex

in punkrock •  11 months ago

Holy Riot Girl Ninth Batcave Files Blog Steemers of Bat Rockin' Awesomeness!!! Rock N Bat Roll!!

#012: Clitoris Rex - "Out of My Way"

#019: Clitoris Rex - "Claustrophobia"

#121: Clitoris Rex - "Domesticated Queer"

#128: Clitoris Rex - "Hide"

#137: Clitoris Rex - "Amazon"

All these videos where filmed & put together by me in my batcave, Rock!

Artist Bio from their facebook page for Clitoris Rex: "dykepunk and riot grrrunge band. Feminist Guerillas from the Midwest.

For more info on Dead Dick Hammer, check them out on facebook at:

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P.S. Thanks for checking out my post & video, if you like the artist please like the video & share, thanks a super bat ton!!
-Mohawk Matt

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What up Matt! Glad to see batcave rocking bat ninja style on Steemit! Also much love for C-rex!


Heck Batninja Ya! lol, Rock N bat Roll!! Thanks!! - Matt