Pundix stay well clear.

in #pundix2 years ago

Hi, I need to rant about and warn other crypto enthusiast about these thieving cretins who want return that got lost to her wallet.

her transaction was simple a few week ago, she tried to transfer BTC via cahngenow.io however, there was a delay BTC network was very slow at the time, the transaction did not go through, they Xhangenow say they returned the funds to Pundix and provieded transaction recodrs so my beef is not with changenow, its with PUNDIX, they basically dragging there heels and wont refund her, she is a novice in the crypto space and doenst know where to go or complain al I can do is warn ohters of her plight

DO NOT USE Pundix wallets, they are complete thieving cretins and not to be trusted.

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