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in pundi •  6 days ago

Yesterday I was present at one more crypto event - it's already my second this year. It happened at the Federal University of Santa Catarina and the main sponsor was PundiX.

My impressions: despite the high supply of Pundi, the chance of the price increase is good. To talk about this yesterday, talking to the Country Manager of the project in Brazil, I understood that there are several possibilities of locking the tokens.

  • The first one is to win by stake;
  • The second is the natural decrease, because the NPXS serves as gas for confirmation of transactions;
  • Finally anyone who wants will be able to exchange the NPXS for another token that will be activated in the system.

That is, that supply monster of almost 275bi should decrease greatly and today a NPXS is costing something around 15 sat. If the project goes as they imagine, it's a great opportunity. If not, a very big risk.


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