Why I hate dentists

in #punchline4 years ago

If you know me, the you know that I hate going to the dentist. I get it, a Neanderthal has better oral hygiene and I should floss every 15 minutes and I should drink 50% fluoridated water between every meal. What is really dumb is dental insurance. Let's pay like $100 a month for dental coverage, but fuck you if you actually need to use it for something other than a cleaning. We'll give you like $500 in coverage max and we'll probably only pay 50% if anything on things you might actually need. Oh yeah, and your dentist would probably write off quite a bit if you pay cash for your visit, but will overcharge the amount just to milk that sweet insurance money. Also, are we just not doing laughing gas anymore? That was the most okay thing you could expect from your crappy visit. "Well, this sucks but at least I can daydream about clouds for an hour while my mouth gets all jacked." Nope, now they just give you novacaine and some children's advil.

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