So High, We're Floating in SpaceX - COM Round 30

in punchline •  4 months ago

A lot of controversy lately because the head of SpaceX, a government contractor, took a hit from a blunt while hanging out with Joe Rogan. Did everyone forget about Obama's "choom gang" and Clinton's "didn't inhale" moments?

I mean, he launched his car into space while playing David Bowie, of course he smokes every once in a while. Maybe that's when he gets his best idea. Dude, what should we do now? I don't know man, let's sell flamethrowers and surfboards...

Instead of freaking out, I think the USAF should focus on protecting us from aliens and chill.

I nominate @theguruasia and @buttcoins for the next round

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I'm jealous of this doge

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Everybody needs something to bitch about. It's a pretty good life if this is your big worry.

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