IF you suck at doing the chores, THEN...

in punchline •  6 months ago

Sure, you might need to sleep in the dog house for a week, and go without sex for a month, but you'll win in the long run when you receive a lifetime ban from using the vacuum.

Warning: Do not try this AT if you want to have a home.


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that really a good thing? might need it when your hand gets tired from wanking

This is very wrong truly .
But so funny .

Thanks for sharing @steemmatt
Upvote you .

So wrong yet very true. My husband has gotten out of many o chores because I’m just so much more thorough with them. Thanks for the laugh. 👍


Reverse-psychology-bad-at-chores is one of the oldest tricks in the man/partner playbook. Perhaps there is a chores academy you could send him off to... ... ...


You are giving away too much strategic info. :-)


Nah, it’s a good trade off. I’m bad at getting the “car serviced, washed, gas and taking out the garbage”. Haha… it works. But thank you for letting us in on your secrets.

it is just so wrong but so damn funny at the same time.

her face.. the shock.. the surprise.. the betrayal...

kinda feel like this one took one for the team, but do not repeat. i repeat, do not repeat. lol.


Ha, you got me at "the betrayal"...

I'm betting on this being a little brother pranking his sister, who was then grounded for life.

What we can take away from this.....never kiss a vacuum cleaner.

heeee heee so funny.