Homework - Fox Tales Contest 21

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My school told us to study these earth aliens to learn how primitive cultures in other galaxies dream. I swear I was going to do it diligently but my friend Paco was in Proximus gulgul, you know the nearest planet. He poked a gulgutan in the eye. The thing is gulgutans don’t have eyes and it turned out he’d poked him in his a##hole. Naturally the guy was upset and they planned to throw Paco in a black hole. So, I stole my parent’s shushler and went to save him for the umpteenth time. After saving Paco, on the way back, he convinced me to go for ice cream. One thing led to another and I ended up not doing my homework. It’s due tomorrow, and I had to take a short cut. I stole my parent’s space shushler again and now I find myself in front of a sleeping human. I am going to metamorphigically see their dreams. After sedating the human by punching him, I placed my fingers on his eyes. He was dreaming about a naked female and a car. Obviously I aced my assignment.

Thanks to @vermillionfox for providing this beautiful image.
Also, thanks to @nobyeni and @thewritersblock for the editing.

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one of your excuses for sedating guys eh?


One of the better ones

Man! Look out Vonnegut!