Impossible is Nothing (Except This) -- Comedy Open Mic Round 20 Entry 2

in punchline •  6 months ago

When you see that the Steem price raises to $4 again in your dream.

Time to watch Requiem for a Dream now.

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I nominate @serkagan and @punchline.

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you need to dream bigger
lets go for $40
why limit your disappointment after waking up?


$400 will be better and I guess it is coming.

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It will happen soon. But I see another drop first.


Got to clean my glasses first.


Don't forget to clean browser history too.


You can also use it in toilet


The possibilities are endless. I could keep a couple bundles in my trunk in case my car broke down in the winter and I needed to start a fire for warmth.


like a boss

Well I will dream with you, but I must say today I was almost ecstatic seeing it rise 30% lol (from 1 euro lol) I guess I will freak out when it rises that amount once again.. :)


It will rise again, prepare yourself! :)