English as a 2nd language

in punchline •  5 months ago

*Writes a post
*Publishes a post
*Notices a typo
*Fixes it
*Notices another typo
*Fixes it
*Notices a grammar mistake
*Fixes it
*Told by a friend about a grammar mistake
*Fixes it

*Gives the post a final read
*Notices 67 typo, 156 grammar mistakes and 3 goats in the post.
*Tries to delete post
*Someone already upvoted with 0.000000000000000001/2
*Can’t delete
*Kills self

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lucky you
most people don't get anyone reading any of their stuff anyway


Such a sad statement xD!

Really true with your punchline! It's really tired when trying a language that is not commonly used


I always try to take into account that not everyone on here speaks english. Hell most of the people on my facebook have lived in America their whole lives and can't put togeather a sentence that is even remotely understandable. Also i find their lack of goats in their posts disturbing after being on here for a while. All posts must now meet a 1 goat quota.

Haha 3 goats. Doesn't get old.