It's Like Breakfast

in #punchline4 years ago

A serious blue-collar guy like me needs three things to get moving in the morning: coffee, a rip of amphetamine, and the first road rage episode of the day.

Have a good one, everyone.


road rage is like the opposite of orgasms, it's more fun if you cause it than experiencing it yourself

Lol, an excellent start to the day, haha

You got a 9.03% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @serkagan!

😊😊😊!! And do you know what I will need to start my day;

  1. A bag filled with a lot of Candies
  2. 2 sport magazines and
  3. A beautiful lady by my side to keep me company.

How about that, bro.

It can happen!

At least you're wearing a collar these days. The naked painting loft idea was a little hairy.

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