Where Can I Use PumaPay?

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PumaPay payment protocol is a revolutionary product of the blockchain school of doing meant to incorporate crypto payments into daily lives. Its goal is to give users the opportunity to make payments more efficiently and stop depending on inefficient paying methods such as credit cards. The potential is in its mission and PumaPay is set to take over the digital pay system due to its flexibility and uniqueness.

PumaPay billing protocol introduces blockchain-based payment solutions into daily life, enabling consumers to a more frequent use of cryptocurrencies in online & offline transactions. This free-of-charge blockchain-based protocol decentralizes transaction processing services and ousts traditional and current blockchain-based billing methodologies.

The state-of-the art blockchain built for this project has the ability to make the payment mechanism cater to the customer’s needs - it will be able to execute direct debit payments, pay-per-use ones, recurring and shared payment, for instance, very useful for affiliate programs based on commission schemes.

Our network of Early Adopters is a proof of the necessity of such a billing system and the usefulness of one. Plenty of businesses committed to incorporate PumaPay into their payment system and so far it drives growth and happy customers. Users are getting PMA tokens for using PumaPay payment system and the deal is convenient for all parties involved. PumaPay's Early Adopters are from various industries and it is something we are proud of because we can assess the need for innovation and ultimately the practicality of PumaPay.

And because innovation is paramount to us, we are working on PumaPride, a mobile app displaying on local maps location of businesses accepting PumaPay as a payment system. The goal is to give existing customers and potential users flawless customer service in terms of convenience and experience. The app will be a feature of the wallet we already created and is a great opportunity for businesses too as it can increase exposure to the consumer market and join the revolution.

In spite of the frictions between online billing needs and blockchain technology, PumaPay is here to make a statement and offer a convenient option for both companies and merchants. As credit card payments become more and more inconvenient, the need for swift blockchain-based payments is increasing. This is how PumaPay payment protocol solves current inconsistencies in blockchain billing - by offering an alternative to a global and tech-driven economy.

We made it our mission to reshape payments systems with innovative blockchain solutions. Will you join us? cover004.png


Many will like this, the ideas are excellent

Nice info, PumaPay is one of trusted project

a good idea that would be appropriate

Awesome!! very nice project!! Pumapay is the best.

Great news, I'm with you.

great service. waiting for the launch. it will take cryptos to the next level.

this awesome

alternative project to a global and tech-driven economy

We are proud of because we can assess the need for innovation and the practicality of PumaPay!

PumaPay is the revolution we need in the payment protocol sector and just what many of us need.

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