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14th February 2019, where world are busy to celebrate the day of love, in India this day become nightmare that militant attack CRPF bus. Attack done by local Kashmiri boy named Adil dar. This suicide attack paying major cost to India by 42 army soldier. Pakistan based group Jaish-e-mohammed claims the responsibility of attack.
In the year of general election the response of Mr. prime minister is expected that he used hard language for militant groups and give clear ultimatum to Pakistan. And the other side, Pakistan going in denial mode as usual.
What consequences we expect from this incident :-
.PM Modi trying to take all benefit from this attack because in the year of election he want to boost his image as a strong and hard patriotic leader.
.India trying to isolate Pakistan on global forum, as they fast their diplomatic efforts.
.Pakistan having only chance to avoid major action possibilities that he requested in UN for interfering.
.China supports Pakistan due to their vast business and strategic interest in.
According to Indian media, maximum BJP leader and public of India want revenge after this event. They want Indian government take action like surgical strike on militant camps which is situated in disputed Kashmir territory.
BJP, ruling party has a face of hard hidutva so they trying to take this incident by both hands. Relation of Indo-Pak facing very tough time or we can say they going to war like situation. Remembering both nation are atomic power so if they goes for war then consequences of this war is very harmful for all world.
India wants from Pakistan that they take immediate action on Masood Ajahar, head of jaish-e-mohammed. All world know Masood Ajahar live in Pakistan and India also trying him listing in global terrorist but because of china it is still in under way.
India already takes some diplomatic steps that they take back most favored nation tag from Pakistan and also put pressure on Pakistan through friends nation like France, Israel, USA, UK, south Africa etc.
Saudi prince recently visited India before he visited Pakistan, he advised to India and Pakistan for solving the matter by talk on the table but this time India looks in no mood for talk. Actually the reason is all election of India and Pakistan based on Kashmir and anti-nation dialogue so neither India nor Pakistan show to their public their minuses.!
Summery is I not expect any ice-break in relation of Indo-pak before election in India. This time is now wait and watch.CRPF.jpg