Retro Candy Therapy

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When life gets your kite stuck in a tree, maybe it's time to move on to a sweeter pursuit. Actually, this kite wasn’t ours, but I snapped the picture as we were going for a walk. On the way back to our car, we passed an old-fashioned candy store that was still open. Of course, the kids insisted.


Seeing some of the labels in this store brought back memories of my youth, long before my teeth were rotten. Most were memories, but some were newer.


First, these chocolate bars greeted me near the door. They looked fairly current. These might make a good gift for just the right person. But aside from gifts, a candy store should provide escapism, not politics. Leave your baggage at the door. The kids had run further into the store, so I kept on walking past the political chocolate.


Ah, swirls of my youth. There’s no finer visual image in all of candyland than one of these swirly lollipop suckers. How many times did I beg my parents for one of these? I only remember being able to try them a couple of times as a kid. Each time, frankly, they were disappointing. How could any flavor come close to the visual promise of a swirly pop? It’s still sugar and food coloring with a little carnuba wax and flavoring, just like most candy. But they look so pretty, so noble, so pulchritudinous.


On the right, I steal a quick glance at the fresh candy counter. The truffles look amazing. I’m not a chocoholic, though. My wife might get one. And besides, these retro candy labels are awakening my sense of nostalgia.


Charleston Chew? As a boy, I managed to eat a fair number of those. They’re long, they’re chewy, and you may know the secret: don’t eat them right away, but pop them in a freezer until they’re rock hard. Then they break into yummy pieces. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry…all of them with some marshmallowy background that was really quite pleasing. This is a good candy. If my kids asked me for one of these, I might approve.


What’s this? Did you know Mary Jane candy once contained marijuana, just like Coca-Cola contained coca leaves (the source for cocaine)? The latter is true (look it up), but I'm only joking about Mary Jane. She’s a molasses and peanut butter gal, innocent of any wrongdoing. This is some seriously retro stuff. I don’t even think we had Mary Jane candy when I was a kid. Looking it up online, I see that it’s been around since 1914, which is some true longevity (for the nitpicksters, my source there is


Speaking of retro, here are some cigarette packs that are really just candy in a box. And nearby, I see the feminine therapy aisle. Anti-Aging, PMS, and Hot Flash Mints. This must be when they spent more time innovating with the boxes than with the mints, largely selling this candy for its value as a funny gift. Somewhere on the package must be a disclaimer, though I’m willing to bet they are at least as effective as a placebo in curing their targeted ailments. They may even work on bad breath.

My wife is getting a few gifts in the store, but no gags. As for the kids, the expectation is implicit when we first walk in: each is scrambling around trying to decide on one item that Mom & Dad will let them buy. If they hadn’t been good enough to deserve a treat, we wouldn’t have come in. And they know they’re on the clock making their selections.


I pass the retro marshmallow and cluster sections. Rocky Road, Valomilk, Cherry and Googoo clusters. This is my kind of candy. If I’m not going with fruit flavors, then I like something that’s gooey or crunchy with a thin layer of chocolate.

But then I almost cry when I see the Mike & Ike’s. Not just the rasta colored ones or the faux-tropical flavors, but grape. I prepare myself to kneel on the ground as a wave of memory hits me.


Flashback: I’m 11 years old and waiting for my Little League baseball game, running in cleats behind the backstop while the previous game finishes. I hear the ding of an aluminum bat and a flop in the grass nearby and there it is! The ball drops just in front of me, right near the path.

I see four other kids racing for it, but I’m closer and I beat them to it. I hold the ball in my hand with a triumphant salute as if I’ve just caught a Willie Mays home run ball. But no, that ball is worth far more, because some zit-faced kid named Robbie hit it. And my Little League reused its balls.

With a trail of other kids, all waiting to see what I’d get, I stride right up to the snack shack and present my trophy to the mom who is volunteering there. She takes the ball and offers me its price in sugar: I can take any candy I want. Mike & Ike’s! I didn’t even know they had grape back then. There were the rasta (red, green, and yellow) Mike & Ike’s and there were the Hot Tamale ripoffs. I loved them both. And I think they gave me enough candy that day to share with some other kids.

Now, I grow older and balder again as I realize I’m standing in a candy store. Not just Mike & Ike’s, but the Red Hot section approaches. I see Hot Tamales, which are a spicy cinnamon version of Mike & Ike’s. And there’s a whole cinnamon section that quickly devolves into pain.



Why is it that people like to use candy to challenge their pain threshold? There is the spicy stuff and the sour stuff. When I was a kid, Pop Rocks were fun and were about as sour as anything. But that was kid stuff. Today, there are seriously sour and spicy candies that are sold only for their punishing value for adults.


The sourest of them actually can leave someone with a bleeding tongue, as you can see in Furious Pete’s famous video from a few years ago. Warning: it’s graphic content, since his tongue gets bloody. He later said he got 15 million views and did not make a single dollar from it (but it made him famous because he was one of the first to do these kids of videos).

Here’s the hard stuff: Jawbreakers. Ah yes, how well I remember sticking one in a paper bag and borrowing a hammer to smash it into a thousand pieces. What an utterly impractical size, shape, and density for anything that’s meant to be consumed. But the old jawbreaker is a classic. Beautiful, aren’t they?


One of my kids comes up. She has chosen a swirly lollipop and wants my permission. Sure, but just remember they always look more exciting than they taste. She likes the fact that lollipops last for a long time. (Dad's note: That shows long term thinking.)

I ask her sister whether she’s chosen anything. She tells me she's leaning towards taffy. Ah, these are my children indeed. The younger one is about to make that classic mistake of going for the swirly lolly, thinking it tastes as good as it looks, a path which I also tread as a youngster. She needs to learn that lesson herself, not hear it from me. Now, her older sister is zeroing in on the taffy.

Saltwater taffy is right up there as one of my favorite treats. Do you know the story of how this confection came about? Someone in New Jersey was making taffy candy, which involves pulling and stretching the sugar. Either there was a flood or the tide came in. The sweet became a little salty and really good. I’m a big fan of saltwater taffy and all its flavors. My older daughter fills a small bag with a few choice selections.


I’m satisfied. These kids are on the right path. They have money to get one item each, and my wife is still in there, so I’ll let them finish up without me. I make for the door. On the way, I see the jelly bean dispensers. And then, I have one more quick glance at the fresh counter. Mmmm, cake pops. I actually had not seen a cake pop until I reached adulthood, so I’m not sure they qualify as retro. Some themes appear near the door: Zelda, Hello Kitty, and some takeout containers. Nothing I need.


Out on the sidewalk, I notice that the hippy thread store next to the park has a nice tie-dye flag. It shows the dark lord of Star Wars going all psycho-delic. Apparently, enough sugar and food coloring can raise even Darth Vader from his monochromatic depths and into the light.

In the end, I realize that I’ve just left a world-class candy store without buying a single thing to eat. I’ll leave those smiles for the kids. For those of us with rotten teeth, the journey and the sounds of laughter are sweet enough. And if the dark side calls, I might steal one of those taffies after the kids go to bed.


All photos by the author, except for Truffles (public domain), Hot Tamales (they got a better picture of it than I did: Creative Commons via by JeepersMedia), the YouTube video by Furious Pete which includes its source link, and the cake pops (public domain). Author's images taken with Samsung Galaxy S7.

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`I like candy so much I want tohave everything and be able to eat all fo that at one time


I also like we are the same ......


Me too lol 😂

Wow! Those do bring back some memories. Check out what I bought for the @little-peppers on the drive home today (we saw it for sale in someone's yard!)

How's that for bringing back memories? Now we've got our own!


Hehehe they seem really excited. I am sure they would love it. Are those all your kids? Damn they are so cute.


Are those all your kids?

No, I have more than that... but they are some of my @little-peppers.


That is really cool! Mom, can I play for just a few more minutes?

What a spectacular walk down memory candylane!

Here's another story for you :

My grandfather was a Belgian farmer and I can still hear him say, "water is for growing things; beer is for when you're thirsty". As a kid, I remember sitting on his lap and he would give me my own pack of candy cigarettes, exactly like those you've pictured here. He would encourage me to put one in my mouth, and then take out his own "real" pack and put one in his mouth. Then the ritual of lighting them both began:) He would take his stainless steel lighter out of his pocket, the lighter that flipped open and was refillable from the bottom. I can still hear the flint catching and the smell of the gas. Always a gentleman, he would light my "cigarette" first, and say "ladies first", then light his. Mine was a blackened mess at the end, but I would sit and "smoke" with my grandfather. After a couple of drags, he would say, "I don't know about you, but that makes me thirsty", and proceed to give me a drink of his beer first and him second.

Social Services would have fun with that now, but geez that memory simply warms my heart! Thank you so much for triggering it!


What a great memory! Sounds like a cool dude.


Thank you, he was the best! I also was remembering last night that when he quit smoking, he started eating candy and had an entire deep dresser drawer filled with the stuff. It was like walking into his personal candy store; we began to share candy instead of cigarettes then haha


Greetings friend @donkeypong if you can support me with a vote on my blog I will be grateful blessings for you


Good job, friend, you are fantastic

It was like a trip to the past of your childhood in the candy store but with the mind of an adult and so realize that not everything was as you saw as a child

Mehn, this is one store you would work in and get so confused on the candies to buy if you are a person with a sweet mouth.

I remember pulling a tooth when i was much younger because i loved eating lots of sweet candy and chocolates and juat last week a tooth started aching me again and i was like oh my God, not again.

About the candy at the entrace which states that Trump was elected. Whose idea was that? Thats some crazy funny shii. Lolzz

Noce pictures though, thanks for taking us round the candy store.


Oh no, not again! Sugar is a pact with the devil.

Oh, dude. What an awesome little candy store. I haven't seen those candy cigarettes in a long time either, I think those have been banned from being sold in most places, IIRC. At the very least I haven't seen any for sale around here in a minute.

I definitely would have had to grab some candy if I was there, looks like an absolutely awesome place. Though, I guess we all feel that way for nostalgic treats, haha. Pretty weird about the Mary Jane candy though. I've never even heard of that, and I find it really weird they used to put marijuana in it. People would probably love that these days.

This retro themed candy shop reminds me of a cool candy shop I found in Indianapolis last year. They had all kinds of weird soda flavors and tons of retro candy for sale, plus a bunch of weird candies I had never seen before. They decorated the place with old concert posters, comic covers and some vinyl album covers too which was pretty damn cool. Since you showed me yours, I suppose I should show you mine ;)


That is very cool. I'd love to try some of those sodas, but one sip might do me. Thanks for sharing.


I grabbed a few while they were there and about half were delicious, and the other half taste like a melted jawbreaker rolled around in sweaty socks. And, no problem, man! I never get a chance to bring up/talk about half the things I'd like to, so it gives me an excuse to share :)


Weird, that look like a store in North Carolina. They sell different kinds of soda, candy and rock posters.


Maybe they're a chain store? This place was found downtown in Indianapolis, Indiana. Wouldn't be surprised if they have several of them around the country, as they seemed kinda franchised instead of a Mom and Pop shop.


Excellent pictures I really like it 👍

@donkeypong, You refresh my childhood memories via these Candy chocolates. Actually those days how we loved those sucks lollipops. I loved to eat delicious chocolates in some bench in beaches. Today you given most tasty foods indeed title and children loved to read these article lot.
Now I'm being matured but don't forget to eat those delicious food. Thanks for remember our past memories via Candies blog.

Wow is a wonderful meal I used to enjoy a lot of meals at a small time and when I was playing on the outskirts of my house, when the food was taken in front of our street, I was attracted to a lot of time every time and called my grandmother from the house and used to buy meals. .

Sir, now reminds me of my childhood memories today. When I get an office leave at the present time, I take this meal with me while traveling on the beach, which attracts me very much and this meal gives me great entertainment because I am the food for the middle childhood Find out.

Especially when eating this meal, the lips and lips create an extraordinarily delicious scent that is very interesting.

I can’t help but think of those delicious little mint humbugs that my grandmother always gave me. I remember them so well from my childhood. They were a brown and white striped hard minty candy on the outside with a softer, chewier finish.

Mint humbugs were a British candy. So delicious, they even featured a role in the Harry Potter feasts at Hogwarts. Professor Dumbledore loved the “muggle” sweets!


Ah yes, those are very tasty. Not so hard as many mints, but so delicious. There are some great British candies also.


"Sweets" dude, "Sweets"


When I was in school, I used to eat lots of candy and the national product of this cycle gave me a lot of pleasure because Chocolate Flavors are very dear to me. I like to eat chocolate regularly and the pictures you uploaded above are all pictures of alluring me. Go to the super market and look at each and eat 😋



There's a good bouquet. Such lovely flora.


I think every human life has some fun memories that are always preserved in their brain.

I think you have such memories that are fun memories that give you lots of entertainment when you think of childhood words and memories.

Because there is a time when every child enjoys the extraordinary kind of childhood, chocolate is such a thing where every child loves a lot and there are very few memories about their chocolate, which are always remembered by each child and at that time When the words come to mind, they enjoy a lot of joy.

I like kitkat chocolate. I used to pack biking and travel when I read a bike ride and travel because I loved ketakat chocolate with my favorite because everyone liked to eat chocolates in my childhood and now chocolate attracts me very much and chocolate is very much with me. A good friendly relationship has developed 😉


At the present time my friends had to go through a wonderful ridiculous situation for me to eat a kittakat, but I did not stop there, I used to eat at least ketchat chocolate every day and I did not sleep. 😎

Damn, i thought this post was going to be about bubble gum music.

Ahhh, honey honey ...
You are my candy girl...

That Putin Trump thing on chocolate was hilarious... U called it political chocolate,Haha.. Candies were awsome.. Surely wanna have them one by one,only to get diabetic... It must had been fun..

The flow of this post is excellent! Tis the kind of Content I'd love to read everyday!

Really colourful and old living memories here. Candies weren't my favourites growing up as a child, but boy you've gotta love 'em! The swirly ones always did look better than they tasted. Were there any Goody goody chocolate bars? Next time, let them try that for a start!

In all, this post reveals a lot about your past, and the you right now. And I think you're an amazing Father.

Your post brought back some memories of my life especially the kit and the candy, I had to see a dentist just because of it, hope you understand, lol, thanks for the memories.


Dentists make their livings from candy stores like this. :)

There are lots of sweets from my childhood that are no longer in production in my country now. As far as I am concerned those sweets are far better than what kids are buying and putting in their mouths these days.

Even few that still remain have been adulterated to a point where the flavour they were known for has disappeared. I guess that's what they call progress.

That political candy was hilarious. 😂


That's definitely true. They don't make 'em like they used to, unless you find a store that sells the classics.

These are old Singapore candy. Haha! So much difference!

Mine was different. Never had a sweet tooth when I was younger, they were always too sweet and my mum was disappointed I wouldn't get bribe with candies like every other kids.
Now that I am older, my cravings for candies/chocolate is worse than that of a kid. My memories are very present not

The political candy is quite hilarious😏


That's funny you started the cravings later. :)

I never really was a candy person, I just remember my brothers would go nuts for them so I would trade with them and they would give me their salty/spicy foods. Crazy times. Not much has changed, I'll still appreciate sweet food if it's that good but I overall prefer the spicy.

Cheers for the walk down memory lane, the flow of the story was just amazing :)

Also, now I wonder if our parents were also gaming us every time we were in such scenarios. lol

It's a different ball game here with me, I was raised in a rural area while growing a kid, you could guess what that means. My childhood or my growing as a kid back then was denied chocolate. Hahaha!
Now, am grown up, no room for chocolates, though not because I don't like them or they are bad, but am sorry, chocolates ain't just part of me.


You didn't miss that much. It's more about the memories than the candies. And I'm sure you made memories of other kinds (perhaps healthier than these ones).

Some of those candies bring back memories! I still love indulging every few months or so on a candy binge. Go to the local bulk barn and buy all the sugary goodies from my younger years. The only problem is now when I binge on these candies I get a brutal "crash" about 30 minutes to an hour later. #firstworldcandyproblems

You've struck two major childhood chords with the Charleston Chew and the saltwater taffy. I used to go to Myrtle Beach a lot in South Carolina and watch them make it fresh. The temptation is real right now to order some taffy online, and Charleston Chew will be bought the next time I see it. Will send you the dentist bill.


You have exquisite taste there. I love a good chew.

All these in just a store?
Wow, you would feel confuse and won't even know what to buy

Well we all have our childhood memories when our dads or mum would take us to store and won't even know what to pick, but I like anything chocolate 🍫 since I was a kid and up till now so whenever I go to stores, I find my chocolate first before anything else

Haha, I learned a new word - pulchritudinous (I see you tagged it too! :p) Speaking of tags, I think walkwithme is a fitting tag for this post as it's quite the walk through the candy store and your memories, thanks for sharing!

Unfortunately I didn't take many trips to the candy store when I was young, I'd always eye the cotton candy but never asked for it... Now that I'm older I just uh binge on grocery store ice cream and hope my teeth can handle it


I found it at the end myself, while I was looking at some synonyms for an other word. Once I saw the meaning, I decided it was too good not to use as a fun tag.

To be honest when i see the photo i got water in my mouth, as you know everybody love candy wherher it an adult or a child because the the feeling which we get after puting the candy in our mouth is amazing so as the taste of candy..
The feeling is same when we entire the candy shop because we cannot leave without buying the box of candies..
Also the photography is quite amazing and wonderful...
Thanks for sharing such a mouth watering post..

Awesome post. If you are ever in New York you should check out Economy Candy in the Lower East Side. It is straight out of Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory



Save me a golden ticket and I'll be coming on the next train.

Who would desecrate a sacred item such as a chocolate bar to put political propaganda on it? You know who does that? The Venezuelan communist government, you can't go around putting political propaganda on food... doesn't matter if you are left or right, the last thing i want to see when going into a supermarket is a bunch of food tried to convince me to vote for someone or even worse, hate someone.

I guess every country has its own brands of sweets and stuff, because i'm not familiar with any of these brands at all!


I think so, they are not familiar too in my place but they all bear the household name of candy and mint probably.

From my childhood there is a tension towards my chocolate. And now I love to eat chocolate. Now my greed wakes up when I see any kind of chocolate


If we gave our kids green vegetables as a treat, would they develop greed towards something healthier than candy? :)


Yes you are right

When life as an adult feels tiring and wants to feel happiness as a child since, enjoying the candy is very work!

Li Hing Mui (familiar name: pulm candy) is my retro candy ever!


Now, in my country, Indonesian, it's very difficult to find this candy and I really miss this candy.

For me, this candy also has a philosophy of life. The sweet blend of honey, and the acid, salty of the palm makes me believe that the balance of life is there when the moment we live is not just a sweet thing. Life must put us in a difficult situation in order to achieve a balance of travel and life experiences.


Thank you for sharing so many photos of your retro candy. I'm the first time looking at such a retro candy in your post.

And, thank you so much for the simple of quite beautiful life quote:

When life gets your kite stuck in a tree, maybe it's time to move on to a sweeter pursuit.

That reminds me when I went to the store with my mother and rode a lot of candy in the car and she took them off and said: You're not going to eat all that, you can only choose one :(

It is very good think that the kids had run further into the store, so you kept on walking past the political chocolate.

When I think of candy I only have an expression when I see them ..

The lollipop reminds me when I was a thief when I was little at that time my grandfather was selling candy and I, as a bad boy, stole 1 lollipop when my grandfather was careless .. thank God that is the only thing that I have stolen in my life ..


I love cocolate


these memories were full of joy

Wowww a unique and rare view surely everyone has forgotten the many childhood sweets.
I agree with you, remind a young man, and when I saw this candy.


I smiled at the recollection brings Kungfu soccer

Thanks for this @donkeypong

The chocolate truffles do look nice, and that chocolate lolly pop with gold and silver sprinkles! Looks yum!

What is Molasses? I don't think I have heard of it. But then I am more of a chocolate person than candy person. The only lolly that I really enjoyed when I was a kid was coke bottles. Do you have coke bottles in the States?

really good!

Holy molly! Those candies are delightful! If I was there I don't know where to start. I would love to try the sour ones and Furious Pete the last because I don't want to eat all those candies with a bleeding tongue.

This is some of the candy they used to make in Estonia.
Now they don't make these candies, or they got an horrible makeover.

Picture link

I would have bought some of that candy just for the retro look :)

Go! What a lot of delights, eye drops and everyone's tastes, especially the smallest, to enjoy!

@donkeypong why did they call it mary jane if it dosent have weed in it kinda sure it does have some in it ...great post i really would enjoy a bar right now a big choco fan ....cadburry mostly the crunchy nutty one

Trump was not Elected, He was Putin Office! roflmao loved it

For quite a long time I have been scanning for this stick bubble gum called "Mate Gum". I last had it around 1971-72 and obtained it in a little Mom and Pop store off the Fellsway in Medford, MA. It arrived in a 5-stick pack that was white with the words "Mate Gum" in Navy Blue with some red features on the pack. The gum itself was Hot Pink in shading and had the most remarkable flavor. It resembled nothing else I've ever tasted and was tasty! Anybody out there who recollects this item, or where it may be as yet accessible?

nice photography..
taken by an expert hand.
thanks dear for sharing such a good post

you remind me some sweet memory of childhood...
thanks for sharing with us such a good post dear...
wishing your bright future...💜💜💜

All are delicious and wonderful


Having a great memory.
thanks for such a nice post.
interesting memory.
by the way, photography is so nice..👌👌👌👌

General Question about ended sweet. Normally, some ceased sweet brings back recollections, however getting past the undeniable I'd get a kick out of the chance to inquire as to why are they stopped – is it deals, is it fixings? I know now and again organizations assume control different organizations and possibly the new organization's hardware isn't outfitted towards making a confection.

This meal is very popular for every child and children, because there are several elements with chocolate that kids love very much, and you have been able to say every word that is well-meaning and accurately revealed to you about the subject matter above and your photography is really Excellent because every picture you upload has been uploaded to me Barely has attracted sincere, and I appreciate your photography skille.

I think every person should be a little more careful about chocolate because now a number of brands have come up who are not making chocolate with the right ingredients, so that when the children are getting sick because of excessive chemicals, they should buy it at the right brands set for this.

After all, if everyone accepts chocolate food carefully, then it will create some kind of interesting feeling.

You've made blog post about chocolate and made me very lucrative,Now I have to eat chocolate!

Bye bye ;)

Hey @donkeypong how are you
Yeah life is full of journey happiness and joy from our birth till death we have to face some joy moments some sad moments. A human being have a always a bulk of passed memories like you just suddenly stopped at this candy store and watched and smell all the sticky and stuffed candies that put smile on your face while some of your eldest member brought you some of them like right some individuals brought these candies to their young alives right now a days. But i am surprized why you just buy or take some of candies along with you because if you have some them with you. I mean to say they bring back smile on your face while you just just take a look on them. They just get memories on you mind. Otherwise stay blessed my dear. Have a safe life journey blessings from side ameen.....

Your post has been very beautiful. If we do not need to help all of us, then not my own person. The creators say that you help people, I will help you. I can learn a lot from your posts. Every post in you is a lot beautiful. Thank you very much

so interesting...
thanks for sharing such a sweet memory with us..
photography are outstanding....

It's a sweet tooth Paradise. Paradise, with notes of nostalgia.

I also love chocolate.
It's really a great post, because I can remind my childhood.
thanks a lot dear for sharing such a nice post.

I've rekindled my fondness for retro sweets thanks to this post DP and I never knew there was a sweet called "Mary J", and just thought that was reserved for weed! :-D Resteemed.

wow, candy .......... !!


I am not really a chocolate person but these pictures make my mouth water. Lol

I love candy. I hope your kids made good choices. Besides, the shop has a variety of candies. So, they have many products to select from.

There are a few components with chocolate that children adore in particular, and you have possessed the capacity to state each word that is good natured and precisely uncovered to you about the topic above and your photography is extremely Excellent in light of the fact that each photo you transfer has been transferred to me Barely has pulled in genuine.

The Marathon piece of candy IS as yet accessible, it is currently called the Curly Wurly, is made by Cadbury and is accessible on the web, comes to you from England. I get them for my mom, they are precisely the same is the marathon, even the same interlaced shape.

hehehe, eat candy remember me as a child first, but candy in my country is not as much in your country

wow memories of childhood are the best.. and candies are best part of that memory.. wonderful post

Mr. Tom, it seems I have to learn a lot from you to grow well in steemit. Warm greetings from the highlands.

Candy is my favourite.luvly post

You just took me through a sweet journey. Lol (pun intended)


(for the nitpicksters, my source there is

... made me laugh.

I think I might have left the store without getting anything too.

There is a candy factory here in Krakow. They can made candys with image on it. First the form is large...actually they mix many colorful sugar-stripes (it looks like snakes)...they keep rolling it until really small size. Thanks to that image looks cool. Company I work in have ordered that candys with our logo...we ate them for a year :D here you have a pic, so you can image how it looks

Lol man, that was amd still my favorite kind of sweets, i used to steal from my mom to buy candy hehe.

Ah BTW, i have a gift for you on my blog, feel free to see it and give me your feedback on it :)

Mom never smoked, till I recently found out she smoke candy cigarettes. I think there is such a thing as a "good dark side".

life is loaded with travel bliss and euphoria from our introduction to the world till death we need to confront some happiness minutes some miserable minutes. A person have a dependably a majority of passed recollections like you just all of a sudden ceased at this treat store and watched and notice all the sticky and stuffed confections that put favor your face while a portion of your oldest part presented to you some of them like right a few people conveyed these confections to their young alives at the present time a days. Yet, I am surprized why you simply purchase or take some of confections alongside you in light of the fact that on the off chance that you have some them with you.

Your post brought back a couple of memories of my life especially the unit and the sweet, I expected to see a dental pro because of it, believe you get it.

I love dairy milk

I actually had not seen a cake pop until I reached adulthood

Definitely I have never seen my child period those cake pop. But I see it before 03 years ago via some shop in my place. Currently I'm a big fan of Chocolate part at all. It increase my mouth watering level every time. This is a glad to receive post to mine early morning @donkeypong.

I'm still in my youthful age and I love candy a lot but I don't get to see enough of it in my place like the different varieties you have showcased. Children will always be children, they have special liking for flashy things and even if you object to it, they won't agree. Then I wish I could uproot the candy store to my side. A lot of memories for our older persons in this post.

The first article I see is that of what you have and why. Very good article @donkeypong thank you for share us

@donkeypong , It flash my childhood. Good writing and also good to see you to. Thank you very much for you wonderful post.

Luvly video. Just amazing

This post lacks sugar, flagged! :)

We have one of those barrel candy shops in my hometown. Its literally a candy museum. I almost never buy anything, but simply walking inside and looking at it makes your day better.

Oh my... I could swim in all these candies, memories from my childhood hahah.... I need some sweets again!

My goodie-good, good, that candy shop is a wonderland for any kid @donkeypong. They will miss half of their lives if they didn't get to experience dropping by into that kind of shop or at least get to enjoy some of those candies.

For years I have been searching for this stick bubble gum called “Chum Gum”. I last had it around 1971-72 and purchased it in a little Mom & Pop store off the Fellsway in Medford, MA. It came in a 5-stick pack that was white with the words “Chum Gum” in Navy Blue with some red highlights on the pack. The gum itself was Hot Pink in color and had the most unique flavor. It was like nothing else I’ve ever tasted and was delicious! Anyone out there who remembers this product, or where it might be still available?

Great post my friend I really use to like them hard boiled sweets in the tin and black jack's and fruit salads 👍

Good stuff. You know what @donkeypong yesterday I went toThe Dollar Tree to get my kids some M&Ms and I decided to splurge and got some Mike and Ikes regular fruit flavor. And I hate to say it but I ate the whole box late last night while watching music videos on YT as well as two tootsie roll pops ;)

I also love Hot Tamales as well. Thanks for sharing :)

P.S. The Dubs going to take it in 4 games ?? Maybe so

Aww this is my kite I was losing way back of my childhood days. Thank you so much @donkeypong for this share at least after 45 years of finding my kite, finally I found in your great shot. have a great day ahead.

I like everything of retro

dear sir,Mehn, this is one store you would work in and get so confused on the candies to buy if you are a person with a sweet mouth.How's that for bringing back memories? Now we've got our own!

I remember pulling a tooth when i was much younger because i loved eating lots of sweet candy and chocolates and juat last week a tooth started aching me again and i was like oh my God, not again.

About the candy at the entrace which states that Trump was elected. Whose idea was that? Thats some crazy funny shii. Lolzz

Noce pictures though, thanks for taking us round......

Wow! The chocolate and candies, it's amazing. It reminds me my childhood days. Back in the days, I was a chocolate & ice cream lover. Also, those were my favorite.

Well, thanks for the post.

Our childhood memories were like a full of chocolate store or house.If u enter in your sweet memories you would not fixed one to remember.Definitely another memories will come with remembered one,as like in our childhood went to store to take some or one chocolate And we thought ways to get all/more chocolates....Many Thanks @donkeypongfor You make me remembered my chocolatey childhood.

Wow,,there are so many kinds of sweets.


Your writing and photos are very good👌

My jaw locked up a little just looking at the picture of the Warheads.

Also the candy cigarettes..... I remember having those as a kid, though probably not sending the best message to children.

OMG, posts like this ruin diets! Now I need to eat something sweet! It's your fault!

In the later 1970s there was a short-lived candy bar called the 10:30 Bar. White chocolate and crunchy rice with some sort of soft center. Gone too fast!

Man those candies :3

I love candies so much too when I was young. This did bring back so many amazing memories of our childhood. I wish we could bring back those times when candies can heal every sadness we have in our heart.

@donkeypong WoW .. talk about a stroll down memory lane LOL

OMG you made me travel back in time with this.

I am salivating already.

I especially remember those Cigarette Candies.. those are and were an all time favorite.

Will probably look for the Phantom Cigarette Candy once again :)

Wow candies and chocolates!! I love to eat those things .. not only for kids and adult too..