in #puisilast month


formerly I hope in writing
one can be aware of mistakes
can admit a mistake
a mistake to forgive each other
however ....
what i got
which is just a scolding
a joke
an insult

I have proven it for a long time
on religion with normality
but all of that was ignored
even my children are far away
this self that lurched helplessly

It's not that I can't run
but this is far from the limit

to You Yaa Allah Yaa Robby Yaa Rahman
The Most Holy, the Creator of the Universe, is exalted
O My Lord, give me direction
teach them a lesson
until adzab as warned
there is nowhere they can hide
even though I sleep in sleep
I'm sure ...
You are the Lord of Creation

I've arrived here for my post today, I hope you all like it, sorry if there is something missing in my post, I am still a beginner, thank you and see you, comedy joke comedy joke, please support all of you.