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RE: Does your Art have an Emergency Plan?

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Wow, yeah, I guess I hadn't thought about simply not putting museums in disaster prone places. My gut reaction to that is negative, but....maybe it's a good idea? Gosh. How could that be enforced? And what's the line between being too disaster-prone and not too disaster-prone? Lots to think about here.


Right---like, what's the cutoff point for the probability of a disaster? The Philadelphia Museum of Art, a bastion/fortress of an institution situated in a mild climate, also sits right next to a river prone to flooding in the Spring and Summer.

Additionally, some food for thought regarding @hourofhistory 's question: developing nations tend to be overwhelmingly located in tropical climates (prone to hurricane, monsoons, and just plain ole humidity). Who/what are we prioritizing if we legislate that museums can't be built in these countries?