New issue of "Camp Out"

in publishing •  8 months ago

This week we finished the layout for the Spring issue of Camp Out Magazine. The theme for this edition is "Camp Out Gets Around," so there was a lot of opportunity for transportation based sex puns (turns out the girls like to "ride" things...).
This is the 7th issue of Camp Out, so we're getting pretty good with the layout and taking a few more creative liberties. It's honestly become one of our favorite projects to work on.
Here is the new cover:

Maud Franklen shot by Travis Haight for Camp Out

A slight difference is that we made it something of a western movie-themed cover, showing that Maud Franklen is "starring" instead of the normal "featuring." It fits pretty nice with the cute outfit she has on.
And since we've done so many of these now, we're getting really good at writing new sex puns in the stories. For example, Abbey Soandso is a bus driver in this next photo:

camp out image.jpg
Abbey Soandso shot by Travis Haight for Camp Out

We were pretty proud of ourselves after that one. * Takes a bow *

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