LIVE self-publishing AMA today, noon PST / 3pm EST

in #publishing4 years ago

I've self-published three books in the past six months. I've learned a A LOT along the way about what to do to make your book a success, and what mistakes to avoid.


Tune in on my Facebook page! (I'll be giving away books to the best question asker).


@kadavy good to see you you are writing some books on blockchain, steemit and cryptocurrency and helping the world with your great effort and i hope i can learn lots of new things in this book i will visit your facebook page and try to get book on steemit

sure will go through them ...
appreciate your work ...

Where should I ask the question on Facebook? I live in India how can I get the books?

Hey @laxmanmah, the live broadcast was on Tuesday, before you posted this. You can check out the replay on my FB page though and maybe your question is already answered! You can find all of my books on Amazon. Thanks for being interested!

Nice book
Good luck

Hi!!! im writer for Venezuelan!!! My passion is the lyrics and the good stories. Really in my country there are many situations in which to be inspired, I am new to this platform, so I do not have so much content, but it would be an honor to visit my blog

Can we ask you questions about the topic here?

Hey there, the AMA already passed, but if you look at the replay on my FB page, you might see your question was answered anyway!

I heard your interview on TheCreativePenn and decided to check out SteemIt. Thanks for your great book which I devoured. I'm looking forward to reading and later posting on this exciting platform.

That's awesome, @demistevens! Thank you so much for buying my book, and for telling me so. So glad you're on board. Hey, up for copying and pasting that into an Amazon review? If so, you can do that quickly right here.

Looking forward to reading How to Start...

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