Publish0x - Another site to earn crypto for publishing and reading - quite different from Steemit

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As you may know, I'm always on the lookout for easy ways for newcomers to earn cryptocurrency. Many people do not trust this new internet money yet, so earning cryptocurrency is a way saver way for them to take their first steps into crypto land, than putting in their own money.

And also some people actually do want to get involved, but they simply don't have the funds to invest. We all know this is one of the problems that Steemit solves, and I'm always interested in finding more solutions like Steemit.

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So yesterday I met the creators of Publish0x here in Chiang Mai. They actually do a lot of super cool things, including games that earn you crypto (which are actually faucets, but way more fun). I'll share them with you once I've got to test them myself.

Start as a reader

I signed up immediately, to see how this platform is different from Steemit. Once you sign up you are registered as a reader immediately and you're able to tip authors.

Great news: Just like on Steemit, the tips are coming from a reward pool, so you don't have to add your own funds.

Even better news: Publish0x is coin agnostic. While right now, in the early phase, you are being rewarded only in BNTY tokens, the goal is to add all kinds of different coins and tokens, so you can choose which ones you want to be rewarded in. I love that and see this as a definite USP compared to other platforms, including Steemit.

Here is how the tipping works

There is a time limit for tipping - you can only tip every 10min or so. It also looks like you can only tip the same author once every 24 hours.

In order to tip an author, you move a slider and decide how you want to split the rewards between the author and yourself.

Screenshot 2018-12-14 at 17.53.15.png

Whoa. That is quite an experiment in psychology... By default, the slider is set to 80/20 in favor of the author. But you can totally turn this around. Imagine giving only 20% to the author and keeping 80% to yourself. Can you? I can't, to be honest, but it's definitely allowed, from the looks of it.

In this example I chose 50/50 which I honestly find pretty audacious of myself, but I did it in order to show you it's possible. I do totally feel bad about it, I have to admit. Interesting. How much do I deserve as a reader, when the author went through so much trouble writing a long and thorough article?

Screenshot 2018-12-14 at 17.53.42.png

Now I will have to wait 24 hours to tip him again, and I will get a similar banner, that says I have to wait around 10min before I can tip the next author.

Screenshot 2018-12-14 at 17.54.06.png

Apply to be a publisher

This platform is still in Beta and hasn't done any marketing yet. I think there's only a tiny amount of publishers yet, because you need to apply and be approved first. Try and see if it works, otherwise wait until they launch publicly. Remember, you don't need to be a publisher to earn, so you might as well remain a reader until then, and make the most of it.

The application doesn't involve more than answering 2-3 questions including providing a link to an existing blog of yours (like your Steemit blog here).

I got accepted over night, and I created my blog Conscious Crypto this morning, but I haven't posted yet.

Screenshot 2018-12-14 at 18.29.39.png

As you can see from the green button, you can create more than one blog. And within each blog, you can then post different articles.

As I said, I haven't started posting yet, but this is what it looks like, to create a new post:

Screenshot 2018-12-14 at 18.28.56.png

Pretty simple and straight forward, right?

Do not copy / paste!

As you can see from the last line in the above image - do not copy/paste from other authors (that's stealing...) or even from yourself. Only original content that you own the rights to, is allowed.

More info

There is not really an "About page" on the site, which, to be honest, I'm missing. However you can read more in these three articles of the founder Dan Bainbridge:


Let me know if you sign up, and if you get to be a publisher right away, post your blog below so I can tip you!

Addition: After I published this article, I was informed by the Publish0x team that they are running a campaign through and that I can submit this article there, to win a few BNTY tokens! Yay! My user name on is also connecteconomy.

This means that you can apply to win tokens, too! Just sign up at, write an article about Publish0x on Medium, Steemit or your personal blog, and win some BNTY tokens!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Thank you, I will try it out! :)

yeah thanks for putting this on twitter! i signed up.

Cool, so looks like you got accepted as a publisher right away, too!

yes mam, super pumped ;) thank you for the headsup, it's super clean, fast to use too.

Thank you! I have been looking for platforms like this for earn some money. I will try it.

coolio! Good find Anja! This looks very interesting.....

It's not for you. You only seem to visit the internet once every 2 months or so... XD

haha. its true! But you see, I am a man of intense whims and when the feeling strikes me again, I ill be here so much you will be sick of me! x

Can’t happen ;)

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How do you like it after 20 days?

I like it but I’m waiting for it to get more active.

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Hey, I'm trying to submit my info but it stucks in there!

I get "username may only contain letters...." But I'm submitting "soufiani" and "soufianebzazou" they contain only lettrrs -_-

Edit: I'm in but i can't publish, they say i need a private invite

Hi, anyone can apply to become an author, but you can't post before approved. This is made in order to put a focus on quality over quantity. :)

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hey I like what you did. Can you also make a review for playgroundz. i think it's kinda good and I want to know the opinion of other users about it. btw they are having a trading competition on kucoin that will end tomorrow you can add that as well. here's the info.

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good if it's not competing with Steemit..