Get Paid to Read or Blog. Publish0x

You read that correctly. You can earn Crypto for free right now at Publish0x.

Earn by Reading: You can earn from tipping posts. This tip does not come out of your pocket! It is paid for by the company. Everytime you tip someone YOU get paid. In fact you can even set which percentage to distribute.

Get paid to blog: you can get paid as an author. Right now they do require that you apply to be an author. If your application is accepted, you can write posts where other members will tip you.

The best part? Every tip counts the same no matter how much a person has earned.Everyone gets an equal chance to earn and have their post seen. There is also no downvoting. What you earn is yours to keep.

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Oh, and they also have an affiliate program. You can earn 5% of the tokens your referrals generate for life. I have included my Publish0x referral link in this post.