Publish0x: Better than Steemit? (Earn Crypto by Tipping!)

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Hi There fellas! Today I will going to share a platform that I have discovered.

After some reading and research on the platform that I have found out I am seeing a glimpse of possibility that this platform can surpass steemit in many aspects and categories.

The Publish0x is a "crypto powered blogging platform" like Steemit. Let's start on the name of our topic, Publish0x - So how do we pronounce the 0x in the Publish0x? According to their official post the 0x in the name of the platform is silent, it was only pronounced as PUBLISH!!


As you can see I have attached a GIF above to see how we can earn money by using Publish0x, similar to the Steemit is the TIP button at the end of every posts.

So here's the question that I have thought upon discovering this site

  • How does the tipping button works?
  • Who is elligible for the tipping function of Publish0x
  • How do we get our earnings?


Let's start on the tipping, it is similar to the upvote button of Steemit, however, Publish0x do not have the Steem power that determine the amount of rewards we can give.


Tipping is free, and the rewards we give came from the rewards pool. Like Steemit there were also a percentage system in Publish0x, the difference is that in Publish0x we can determine how much percentage the author will get and how much percentage we can get upon tipping them.

For example we can tip an author full 100%, we can also have 50/50 percentage where 50% goes to the author and the other 50% goes to our own wallet. The minimum percentage we can give to the author is 20% and the remaining 80% goes to usNote that the tokens go directly in our wallet Isn't that great?




Having this good to be true advantage in using Publish0x, we still cannot abuse the system as everytime we tip a post we will be waiting 10 minutes to tip another one, also tipping the same author is not allowed until a day have passed.


There is also a limit on how many times we can tip in a day and once you have reaches the limit you will have to wait for 2 hours to tip another one.


Once the timer expires you can tip another post and will wait for 2 hours before a tip can be done, the timer only resets to 10 minutes after a day of not tipping anyone.

We all are eligible to tip authors and their posts and I think no one is capable of abusing the system due to the timer and rewards pool.

Tips was converted into four tokens: BAT, DAI, HYDRO and BNTY. Tips were randomly get this tokens I am not quite sure on how often can we get each type of tokens.

Becoming an Author

Another way to earn in the Publish0x is becoming an author. Being an author will give you the chance to earn more as there were a lot of users that were now using the platform, also making posts will give you the ability to earn whenever a user tip you. Unlike Steemit, posts that were made in Publish0x is capable of earning money even if it was post 100 years ago 😂. Publish0x do not have the 7-day cutoff reward for your post that stops the money from coming. In Publish0x we can tip a post that was made a year ago and the author still gets the tip e have given into them.

Right now, users need to register for them to become an author. They will be joined in the wait list and will receive an email once they were approved and can start making blogs/posts. I am now in the wait list, 1 day after I have registered myself and still waiting to be approved. I will then make another post once I was approved to give you an update.

Becoming an Ambassador

This is the third way to earn money in Publish0x, becoming an ambassador.

Becoming an ambassador will give you the benefits to earn 5% of every tip generated by your referrals using the tipper at the bottom of each article.

I think this is the best way to earn in the platform especially when you get a lot of referrals.

I will now end this post and will give you an update once I become an author in the platform and have a proof of payout.

See you in my next post.

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@aguadz, known as Zai in the real world was a Fish Lover, a Cat Lover, a Self proclaimed Writer, Poet and Programmer.
An Introvert who uses Steem/Steemit to make a trademark of himself in the blockchain allowing him to stay alive forever.



But this tipping looking like modern faucet.

Yes @cryptosearch, I also think of that way. The only thing that might differ is becoming the author in that platform

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