Announcement about the public beta of NULS main net

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After four weeks of intense work and around the clock development, we can finally announce to everyone that the NULS main net and blockchain browser will start public beta on April 27th, 2018(GMT+8). We welcome everyone who pays attention to NULS to actively participate in the NULS main net test and give your feedback and suggestions.

NULS main net V1.0 BETA will have the following features:

  1. Operational query function; such as Blockchain browser blocks, transactions, accounts and other information queries.
  2. Ability to create and import wallets, manage accounts and transfer funds.
  3. Ability to create and close consensus nodes, join, append and exit consensus.
  4. System settings, passwords, private key management, address book management, etc.

Instructions on how to join the Public beta:

  1. After the public beta begins, visit the NULS website ( and enter the "Alpha" interface.
  2. Download the wallet and read the operation manual.
  3. Use the wallet to generate an address and get the test coins.
  4. Enjoy the experience and the functions of the wallet. We appreciate and welcome any advice or suggestions.

Test coin rules:

Total test coin supply: 40 million
Distribution rules: The core development team retains 10 million, and public users have access to a total of 30 million.

How to get the test coin:

  1. For the first 20 million coins, a single user (a single IP or single wallet address) can receive 20,000 coins. After we give out 20 million coins this current round is ended.
  2. For the last 10 million test coins, each user (same as above) can receive 2,000 coins. After this round is over, no more test coins will be distributed to users.

The rewards:

  1. Once the NULS test wallet is downloaded and experienced, you may submit the BUG reports or constructive suggestions/feedback on Reddit. According to the content of the feedback and its value to us you will receive either 2 or 5 NULS respectively as a reward. If there are duplicate feedback entries on Reddit, we will reward the person who first presented.
  2. You may write an evaluation report containing overall technical advice for the NULS test main net and send it to the e-mail: (please Remark Evaluation Report). We’ll select the best 10 reports containing the most useful information - each one will be awarded 200 NULS.

Measurement Instructions:

  1. Please carefully read the NULS test wallet operation manual. If you have any questions, you can give us your queries or feedback.
  2. During the beta, the NULS team will upgrade the wallet version dependent upon the situation, but at least this will be every ten days. Please download and update the local wallet version regularly. For a detailed update time, please pay attention to the NULS Twitter.
  3. The date and time of the main net launch will be determined based upon the results of the beta testing phase.
  4. All the activity awards will be issued after the main net has launched.

Above, hereby announced!
NULS team
April 27th, 2018

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Big fan of NULS! Super excited for the main net release on 27th April. Keep up the good work:)


How did you know about NULS ?


I found out about NULS the first time from Fabien I think.

@nuls Keep up the outstanding work! I have been holding NULS for quite a long time they are a personal favorite in my portfolio . Think I will grab up some more 😊