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Finally it has been a week since we started this contest and now we are going to make an announcement of the winner.

public money rewards.png

We have tried to keep this giveaway as simple as possible so that everyone can win and get the benefit of owning some crypto.

And the winner is : @syedmazharali

@syedmazharali are set as the beneficiary of this post and you will each get the 25% rewards of this post.

Let me share the rules so that you will get to know it all and make sure you follow the rules.

Details of Comment and win contest

We have always made sure that we host the simplest contest and below are the details of this contest.
Rules of Comment and win rewards contest

Upvote this post (compulsory).
Make a comment and you can write anything . (compulsory)
Wait for 7 days
We will select 3 winners though and you will get rewards.
After the winners are selected we will make an announcement post and all the winners will be made beneficiary of the announcement post. This way you will get rewards automatically.
Each winner will get 25% rewards from the announcement post.
If you do not vote or if you do not comment then your entry will not be counted.

That's it. All you have to do for participating in this contest is that you have to make a random comment and comment
and you will be eligible to participate in this contest.
What rewards will you get?

Each winner will get a share of 25% of the rewards from the result announcement post. I will be hosting this contest everyday so you will have enough chances to win a lot of rewards.

P.S: This contest is also running on Blurt, Hive, and Steem so make sure to participate in all 3 of them and maximize your rewards. Just search @Public-Money on any of these 3 platforms.

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