[GameXcoin] Introduction to GXC Partner — Red Sahara Studio

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Hello, GameXCoin here! Introducing GXC Partners!
Our partner today is Red Sahara Studio.

Red Sahara Studio is a subsidiary of Blue Hole, famous for its global mega hit ‘Battleground.’

Bluehole’s global mega hit ‘Battleground’

Red Sahara Studio is also well known in Korea as the developer of the RPG game ‘Immortal Warrior.’ “The game topped the top 10 in Google Play’s sales in just a week since its launch, and is considered one of the top mobile game hits, including maintaining the top 20 in sales after 300 days.

Screenshot of the game ‘Immortal Warrior’

In addition to “The Immortal Warrior,” Red Sahara Studio is also a game company with various titles including “Eternal Warrior 2” and strategy game “Warren” and is currently developing a mobile game that utilizes online game intellectual property rights.

GameXCoin is working with these great partners to create a better blockchain game ecosystem.

I’ll try harder to achieve good results.

Thank you.

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