Finding yourself again through loss.

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PTSD Life Trauma

Many of you are facing an internal struggle.

While that struggle is not your fault, the responsibility to heal you, begins with you.

I appreciate that this is not fair.

Successfully taking control of your life and getting your happy self back, involves taking ownership of you.

It doesn’t mean pushing others out.

It just means that you, are in charge of your experience.

Complex trauma becomes a chemical event in the body and brain.

Now that you recognise that you can’t just out think this, that your struggle is biochemical, then you can begin to treat it.

However, I urge you to choose the trilogy of natural healing.

Sleep, diet and exercise.

Choosing to primarily improve your diet as your core self introduced medicine.

I ask you to find people that you can trust to talk to and vent to about your feelings, often, without judgement.

The only way out is through, crying, laughing, creativity, anger and self-expressing your feelings.

Then since happiness is about pursuing at least 40% intentional activity, I ask you to start loving yourself by doing what makes you happy.

If the people around you don’t support that, leave them. Stay with people who uphold your dignity.

Share your vibe to build YOUR tribe.

You will stand up in your personal authority and find dignity again in your life.

I promise you will love yourself.

With love and compassion.


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