Barry discusses PTSD triggered by cartel murders

in #ptsd4 years ago (edited)

Drug Expert/Addiction Specialist, Barry Cooper, describes his recent hospitalization and how he overcame his PTSD that was triggered by experiencing multiple traumas.

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It is a struggle here on earth, but like you said it's also a very amazing experience. I would have had a very hard time dealing with the types of things that you described here without a doubt. Thank you for sharing.

That must be a huge thing to remember mate, I mean how horrible was this experience for you mate? I hope that you remain strong mate, help other people overcome this kind of problem buddy! The drug war is useless and it is an evil conflict against us, prohibition just doesn't work! Great work buddy, remember that the sun is shining! :D

Yes shines every day! Thanks for the cheers.

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Barry, when did you witnessed killing by the Cartels in Mexico?

5 months ago.

I am sorry to hear that.

What part of Mexico is this? I like to visit Mexico so I want to avoid areas controlled by the Cartels.

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