Delegating to Newbies - Delegation of 50 SP to @aiuna

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This is a small post which I just want to share with you guys.

Since we are starting to have some problems with RC (not really us, but people who have just a few amount of SP), which you could read right here in the @aiuna's post (it's in Portuguese), I delegated 50 SP to her since she used almost all her RC because she started to comment and be more active in the platform.

I know that could be frustrating for the newbies and that is why I delegated a few Steem Powers to her.

I want to start this campaign here in the Steem which I will call as GODFATHER PROJECT, so if you know someone which are having troubles with RC because of the lack of SP, delegate 50 SP to him/her, use the tag #godfatherproject and help the newbies to be more active here on Steem.

If you don't have SP to delegate to someone, help the delegatees with SBD or STEEM, since we could be use that for our purpose, having profit delegating to huge projects or voting bots, but instead of that we are helping the new people on the platform.


Roberto Ueti

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I justed wanted to say thanks for caring. There ren't too many people around who are taking action, so I'm always glad to come across a likeminded Steemian.
It's good to know they are others who care enough to help.out the smaller accounts.
Keep.up.the good work!


Hey @simplymike,
Thanks for the support. I think that helping newbies is almost a obligation for me, since when I started, I receive a lot of support, not with SP but with training and tutorials, which in that era, was necessary. Today, we have a lot of tutorials, but a lack of people supporting with SP, that is why I started to do this since we don't have many people helping.
Thanks again for the support, and if you know somebody that has the same problem, tell them to comment here or give me the blog, and I will find out someone to help or even me will help them.


There are plenty of people that are in need of help. Maybe you could post your Discord name, in case ghey've run out of RC and can't comment. You could also crezte a short post with the abnnouncement. Most current delegation initiatives have reached payout. We need more post to share so the community will see them.

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Thank you so much for choosing me! Your attitude was very generous, I hope to be able to honor this with good publications. Gratitude.


If you know more people who has the same problem @aiuna, tell me. Maybe I can help them too.

I am happy to have choosen @aiuna to receive the first delegation from GrandFather project! Congratulations, @robertoueti!

In the past, I received 100SP from @wagnertamanaha when I had bandwidth problems, so now, I'm glad to be able to extend the help to a new user.

I'll always be greatful to him


That is the idea. See if the person has a problem, come with a solution and that is it. hehehe.

I'm really quite active on the platform, but despite the fact that I have 62 SP, the capacity of RC is already very limited. Congratulations on that initiative


Don't worry man, I will find someone to delegate some SP for you too...

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