Miya, Chapter 11 --->What i usually do to anyone never take Miya from me when a make a snack — Steemit

Miya, Chapter 11 --->What i usually do to anyone never take Miya from me when a make a snack

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English version:

Hello people,


I recorded some videos about my trip with Miya that I do religiously every day and I would like you to see some of them.

In this chapter, I put a video for you showing the bank that I leave to Miya when I enter the cafeteria to buy my snack. I go in there fast, pick up my lunch and sit next to her. While I'm inside, I keep looking and even filming, because someone with bad intentions can come in and take it away, and I'm very afraid that it will happen.

I hope you have enjoyed it and wish everyone a good afternoon !!!!

Portuguese version:

Ola gente,

Gravei alguns vídeos sobre meu passeio com a Miya que faço religiosamente todo dia e gostaria que vocês vissem alguns deles.

Nesse capítulo, coloco um vídeo para vocês mostrando o banco que eu deixo a Miya quando entro na lanchonete para comprar meu lanche. Entro lá rápido, pego meu lanche e me sento ao lado dela. Enquanto estou lá dentro, fico olhando e até filmando, pois, alguém mal intencionado pode passar e levá-la embora e, tenho muito medo que isso ocorra.

Espero que tenham gostado e desejo uma boa tarde á todos!!!!

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So cute Miya my little girl loves her keep repeating the video 😊♥️♥️thanks for sharing and happy sunday


I aprecciate your kindly words. Thank you for read and comment!!!!

i like video @julisavio


thank you, beatiful Sara!!!!

Que linda. Você tem muito cuidado com ela! Parabéns

Hi sir your post beutfull.

great amazing