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RE: TUTORIAL | Snax.One Airdrop - Associe sua conta do STEEM com segurança extra no Snax.One e ganhe tokens por postar e interagir no STEEMIT

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Legal. Já fiz todo o procedimento e tenho os tokens na carteira. Como transformar os tokens em Steem? :)

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Haha, top!

Post do Wagner Tamanaha, explicando o Token

Roadmap aqui:

E no FAQ, diz assim:

  • SNAX is a utility token. That means you can send SNAX to any other user, and use computational resources of the Snax network by keeping SNAX tokens on your account. Noone doesn’t set or control SNAX price anyhow. Therefore we can’t guarantee that SNAX tokens will have a price eventually. Usually, the price of a crypto asset is defined on a free market, based on the activity of network users.


Opa, obrigado pela informação que você mesmo me deu depois uhauha, vende no:

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